Chris Campion

Chris Campion

 Woodside, New York, USA

Like watching Bill Hicks front Neutral Milk Hotel with a wacky Python-esque video component woven in. Great songs, stories, and shenanigans...indie rock vaudeville...a blitz of the senses!!!

Watch The Gap is an album ( now available on Bandcamp) and an evolving stage show of music, multimedia, and storytelling. It is a digital age vaudevillian vision quest.


Chris Campion is the writer and star of the blitz of the senses off-Broadway rock-theater-show, Escape From Bellevue: A Rock-n-Roll Odyssey (Produced by Westbeth Entertainment, directed by Alex Timbers) and the author of the critically acclaimed memoir of the same name (Penguin Books). He is also lead singer of the indie powerpop combo, Knockout Drops.

His new solo album, "Watch The Gap" is out now and available on Bandcamp. He'll be playing dates behind the record all summer long then mounting a theater experience of it in New York City. That production is slated for autumn 2015.

Live Videos from the show Escape From Bellevue:
'Circling The Drain'
'Blackout, Baby'
'Pilot Light'

Music & Promo Videos:
'Ex Post Facto'
'Shemp Butler Interview'
'Paging Hiawatha'

More videos on the Chris Campion YouTube Channel


Crazy River

Written By: Chris Campion

Crazy river, I drink of your cup
I once tried to wrangle you and you smashed me up
But now I ride by some well placed scars
to know you is to comprehend the stars.....

These caverns where I croon
We're a perfect fit
The serpentines they swoon
Hey, we all got shit
I caterwaul like a moonlit wolf
launching his song from a shingled roof
That echoes down the crazy river......

Oh Crazy river, I drink of your blood
Through the darkened wilderness we go with God
I don't second guess your path to the sea
My brokenness already salvaged me
And left me to the crazy river.......


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