Chris Cannon

Chris Cannon



The follow up record to the critically acclaimed ‘Suitcase Funeral’, Chris Cannon’s new album ‘Model Citizen’, blends urban lyricism with rock, blues, doo-wop and R+B to create a sound which has been described as a “new form of the blues” and has people labeling him as “the voice of the down-trodden”. Musically and lyrically, the songs take listeners on a ride through rainy back alleys (“Calamity”), a pub of drunken criminals (“Life of Crime”), a 1970’s R+B station (“Back in the Strangeness”) and personal confession (“Model Citizen”).


"Model Citizen" - 2007 Top Hat Records
"Suitcase Funeral" - 2005 Top hat Records

Set List

two hr. show. two 45 min. sets of original music, featuring acoustic and/or electric sets depending on the venue.

Sample Setlist:

This Is It
Ain't Life Grand
Some People Call It Living
Oh Boy (That's What You Get)
Hard Times
Feed That River
Back In the Strangeness
Here We Go Again
Model Citizen
Paint Me a Cadillac
What's it Matter to You
Suitcase Funeral