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Chris Canty

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Chris Canty combines thought-provoking lyrics and a high-powered sound to create his signature acoustic-driven music.

Chris's songs resonate with emotion, yet are not so heavy-handed as to pull a crowd down. It doesn't matter whether you're a twenty-something experiencing your first heartbreak or love, or you've been around the block a few times, you're going to relate to the hope, loss and love that are in Chris's songs. The music is heart-felt, energetic, and inclusive. You will walk out of a live performance uplifted, energized and satisfied.

Chris and the the musicians that round out the Chris Canty Band, are accomplished live and studio performers, yet they're also a group of regular guys, (e.g. Dave Matthews Band) with whom you could easily grab a beer with after the gig. The band is accessible and unpretentious, as is the music.

Booking agents take note, This band is versatile when it comes to performing. Depending on the venue and occasion, the band can be broken down into a two piece acoustic guitar duo, acoustic trio, or a full-out 4 piece rock band. Chris has many solo acoustic performances under his belt and has traveled as far as Ireland for a series of gigs.

Currently, the band is rehearsing new material for an upcoming full-length release. Production is set to begin this summer at Sonalyst Studios in Connecticut.

Learn more about the Chris Canty Band at Chris Canty's debut album, No Ordinary Life is available for streaming audio preview and purchase at


Songs To Inspire (scheduled for 2009)

No Ordinary Life (2002)

Worthwhile EP (2000)