Chris Capaldi

Chris Capaldi


Chris Capaldi evokes a lush and relaxing energy from his music. His folk stylings fuse mournful cello sounds with thoughtful poetic harmonies.


An expression of both self and love is often the hardest but most beautiful element that music can convey. Searching for such expression has fueled my music and defined my voice. I partnered with music at an early age largely in part to the influence of my father, a lifelong musician. I became heavily involved with jazz music and composition, which carried through into college at Berklee College of Music, where I studied Jazz Composition. After college I needed to express myself on a different level, and, after rediscovering my guitar developed an affinity for a more intimate, delicate style of songwriting. Having recently released my first original Folk EP titled “Driving to Burlington” I am pursuing the path of new musical expression


Driving to Burlington

Written By: Chris Capaldi

While you're waiting for me
I'll be running the breeze
for you
When these miles slow you down
I'll be dancing the ground
for you

When both my hands start shaking
and all your graces are landscapes while driving

When you're lost in your ways
I'll come up and i'll stay
While you're chasing your dreams
I will run while you sleep


"Driving to Burlington" EP
Available on iTunes, Napster and Rhapsody digital music stores.