Chris Cates

Chris Cates


Mixing hard driving americana with rock funk and blues, when Chris Cates & the MasterPlan are in town it's time to get down!! "Dead Man's Suit" the latest album is now available worldwide featuring the tragic and hilarious song 'My Town'.


Recording artist and producer Chris Cates has worn many hats in the music industry and the eclectic mix of albums he has released is a true testament to his creative touch.

However, when it comes to playing live, Chris Cates and the MasterPlan really know how to shine.

Delivering a unique blend of high-energy, rock, americana, funk and soul Cates’s signature vocals, harmonica and soaring Gibson guitar lift life to another level with the incredible sax work of John Kell and the strong rythm section of Peeler drums and bass virtuoso Chris Singleton taking each show into funky new territory.

Cates and his band have won several awards for performance, as well as album of the year at the 2004 Flagpole Music Awards in Athens.
Recently Cates has had music on Showtime and has contributed several songs to national charity campaigns (SIDS, Bat for a Cure).

After basically taking a year off from touring in 2007 (only playing 50 gigs) to produce 5 albums for other artists, Chris Cates & the MasterPlan are now booking and ready to rock in your city!!!


Chris Cates & the MasterPlan "Dead Man's Suit"
Chris Cates "Passion & Purpose"
Chris Cates "..sneak preview"
Chris Cates "Triple Bogey With 17 Holes to Play - The Golf Cd"
Chris Cates "Getaway Plans"
Parakeet Nelson "Risky Biscuits"
Parakeet Nelson "Mealtime Brown presents..."

Set List

Our setlists depend on the gig.

We play different formats for different gigs:

All Original (fun americana/rock/soul/funk)

Mix (we mix originals and covers for the perfect mix)

All Covers (we have a catalogue of 200+ classic rock, soul, country and jazz songs, plus a ton of 80's,90's and new ones).

We are very flexible with our sets. We can play as long and as many times as it takes.