Chris Carmichael

Chris Carmichael

 Winnipeg, Manitoba, CAN

Meaty, rocking alt-country with a hint of blues. It recalls open Prairie skies, endless dusty highways and long, booze-hazy nights.


Every great music scene has its anchors, people who never quite get their due from the public, but who are the backbone of sounds and successes. Guys like Derek O'Brien and Bill Campbell in Austin, Texas, Steve Freund and David Maxwell in Chicago, Junior Watson in Los Angeles, and Chris Carmichael in Winnipeg, Canada. It may sound a little out of place to group Winnipeg with Austin, Chicago, and L.A., but the reality is that the music scene in Winnipeg is every bit as vibrant - arguably even more so - than cities much more widely recognized. Acts like The Perpetrators, Big Dave McLean, Righteous Ike, Romi Mayes, Lindsay Jane,the Scott Nolan Band, they're all world-class talents whose reputations continue to grow locally and internationally, and they all have something in common: Chris Carmichael.

As one of the most in-demand guitarists and drummers in Winnipeg's remarkable roots and blues music community, he has provided a wealth of talent and experience to countless recording sessions and live performances. His own album, a work long overdue, showcases all of his talents.

Revealing vocal and instrumental styles influenced by a remarkable range of artists - flavoured by the likes of Mississippi John Hurt, Neil Young and Crazy Horse – and Keith Richards, Carmichael unveils an album that stretches his blues and rock and roll roots in a powerful new direction. Combining Chris's ease and grace in switching from one instrument to another (he plays all the guitars, bass, drums and percussion), and featuring contributions from Joanna Miller and Romi Mayes (backing vocals) and Bill Western (pedal steel), these songs add another chapter to a story of a truly talented musician coming of age in his own time and way.


2004 Mayes And Carmichael, Romi Mayes and Chris Carmichael

2009 Chris Carmichael, Chris Carmichael


1999 Righteous Ike And The Spellcasters

2000 Hockey Rock, Compilation

2004 Lock Up Your Sons, Debra Lyn Neufeld

2004 Wang Dang Doodle, Compilation

2005 We Best Choose To Pick The Blues, Compilation

2005 High And Lonesome Years, Compilation Vol. 1, 11, 111

2005 The Living Room Sessions, Romi Mayes

2006 Slave To This World, The Doug and Jess Band

2006 The Life And Times Of Christian Banks, Mayor Matt
Allen & the Little Buddies

2006 High Water Everywhere, Adrian Sala

2006 The Paw-Paw Patch, The D Rangers

2006 Bootleg, Debra Lyn Neufeld

2006 Gas and the Clutch, Perpetrators

2006 Sweet Something Steady, Romi Mayes

2007 The David Essig Sessions, David Essig

2007 Lovers Find Reasons, Lindsay Jane

2008 Got ‘Em From The Bottom, Big Dave McLean

2009 Achin In Yer Bones, Romi Mayes

2009 New Free Market ,Jaxon Haldane

2009 Nathan Rogers

2009 Travelling Show,The Undesirables
Sean Cotton,Corin Raymond

2011 Out Of The Box, Big Dave McLean

2011 Nothing To Lose But The Blues,Dan Frechette

2012 Crazy Shades Of Blue,Russ Kelly

2013 Hard Liquor, Ken Kansas

Set List

A high impact,full band stage show that meshes rock,alt/country,blues and showcases original material.A mix of the up tempo originals off of cd and covers by Link Wray, Neil Young, Freddie King, Albert Collins. 1 to 2 hour shows or 45 min bar sets with a 3 piece band. I also have a solo acoustic show that includes some covers by Mississippi John Hurt, JB Lenoir, Reverend Gary Davis, The Rolling Stones and original material.


Pop Song
Goin Down
That Place
Far Away Gone
Right On Time
Bitter Till The End
Country Wank


If you don't want me
The Swag
Diamond Head
Don't Cry No Tears
Don't Lose Your Cool
Oh Baby
Cortez The Killer
Extra Jimmies
San Ho Zay
Heads Up
Surf Rider
Hey Babe
Dead Flowers
Round and round
The Loner
I'm Branded
Ace Of Spades
Cinnamon Girl


Some songs from the above list.

Richland Woman Blues
Hold On Man
Slow Down
Make Believe Stunt
Guitar Shuf