Chris Chrismond

Chris Chrismond


Chris Chrismond is a singer/songwriter from Mississippi currently living Carmel, Indiana. His music draws its influence from such artists as Ryan Adams, Tyler Hilton, James Blunt, and the Goo Goo Dolls. Hopefully his lyrics get down to the heart of everything around him and reach out to people.


Chris was born on February 19th, 1985 in Cleveland, MS. He grew up in Indianola, MS. He started playing guitar when he was 15 years old and wrote his first song shortly thereafter. At the time it was just a hobby, as he was not expecting it to become what he wanted to pursue for his life's work. Post-high school, in 2003, he went to Mississippi College in Clinton, MS. It was around his junior year that he found himself constantly writing music whenever he had the chance. It was at this time that his love for music grew beyond just a hobby. After graduating college, he moved to Carmel, IN, which is just north of Indianapolis. He moved simply to get out of Mississippi to search for clarity in his writing by experiencing a new place - as opposed to the cloudiness of writing he felt in MS. It is through moving away and finding a new perspective on writing that he really found that music needed to be his life. His influences include: Tyler Hilton, Ryan Adams, James Blunt, and the Goo Goo Dolls.


Step Away From The Shadows

Written By: Chris Chrismond

"Step Away From The Shadows"

Verse 1:
I do believe its time for you to start your own life
Stop living in the shadows
Take a step into the light
It's time for you to shine brighter

I'm needing you to breathe
Deeper than your lungs could ever hold
Break free, free from this mold
That you never knew

Verse 2:
Step away from the throne that you never chose to own
But always seemed so fitting
Take down the halo from your head
That always seemed to be misplaced


And everyone deserves a second chance
To step away and take a second glance


Your Disguise

Written By: Chris Chrismond

"Your Disguise"

Verse 1:
I can see it in your eyes
You put on a fine disguise
But in your heart you feel so torn
Your confidence is strong
But it seems a bit too much
You're slowly losing control
Ohhh, ohh

We're swimming through the clouds
With our deceptions spilling out
Searching hard for open air
And fighting to catch our breath
We fall into the sound
In nothingness our souls are found
And we're screaming, trying to be heard
But you don't hear a thing

Verse 2:
It crawls under your skin
Dying to be let in
Seeking refuge from the cold
You put up your defense
Your heart is burning innocence
And reaching for something that's not there
Ohhh, oh

1st three lines of Verse 1


Written By: Chris Chrismond


Verse 1:
Dear love
I dreamt of you tonight
I can feel your touch awaken me inside
Time flies
I try my best to stall
The very moments that send us into light

Oh serenity
You've got a better hold on me
Your ender burns deeper than it shows
Oh serenity
The words from your mouth you speak
Keep me lost holding on to you

Verese 2:
Oh love
Because of you the moon is bright
The city sleeps well tonight under your protection
Is the taste of your kiss
As it moves across all my good intentions

I can feel it in my bones
I can see it in my breath
And I know there's nothing else I need
Oh serenity, Oh serenity



Breathe Deep EP 2008
Track List:
1) Step Away From The Shadows
2) Your Disguise
3) Learn To Love Again
4) The World Has Won
5) Serenity

Set List

1 - Step Away From The Shadows
2 - Your Disguise
3 - Slow Down
4 - Serenity
5 - Life, Love, and Hand Grenades
6 - The World Has Won
7 - What Happened to Forever
8 - Through The Ages
9 - What We've Hoped For
10 - Beautiful Confession