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Chris Cornelius

Castaic, California, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2005 | INDIE

Castaic, California, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2005
Solo World Singer/Songwriter


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"I Am Here"

10-Jun-2011 00:17
I really thought this song was great. Amazing rhythm and the vocals were just right. I genuinely canot think of any
improvement, even the tempo is just amazing. Great track

09-Jun-2011 22:56
I really like this. It's got a nice, positive, "up" sort of sounding tune and some of the guitar licks in the
backing instrumentals are good. The band sounds very tight and together, perfectly in sync and the singer has a
firm, pleasant voice that doesn't waver off the note or make unpleasant noises. Also, the tune is consistent and
doesn't wander off into directions which mis-match with the main theme. This track for me has a very early 1970s
feel - simiilar to something like Lindisfarne, albeit a bit more energetic. I do feel that given sufficient airplay, this
track would appeal to a fairly wide range of the public and could thus be very commercially successful. Well done!

09-Jun-2011 23:40
This song was a pleasure to listen to.good and clear sound quality, great lyrics, enjoyable.

10-Jun-2011 05:15
Nice intro the guitar really stands out quite an upbeat song that has your toes tapping, good lyrics nice to hear
something that doesn’t have negative lyrics or really soppy lyrics. The chorus is simple but effective with the verse
being as simple but still telling the story. When the song starts i was unsure whether this track would be sounded a
bit old fashioned but even though it has an old sound the lyrics bring a slightly modern edge.

10-Jun-2011 05:21
good strumming guitars to this one the sound is funky and has a good mux of pop and rock sounds the drums are
soft and easy to listen to I like the singer as well as he seems to fit into the song a little like a glove

10-Jun-2011 05:41
This a pro song and clear singing lyircs. The instruments are beautiful and match perfect with the vocal. Very nice
music its fun and a song that has lot of merit and originality. The words are fantastic and excellent beats that were
nice with the band and instruments.

10-Jun-2011 07:38
I like the feel good vibe of the song. The thoughtful and meaningful message of the song is also entertaining to listen
to. The singer has an adorable voice and he sings the song with enthusiasm. The beat of the song is tuneful and
harmonious. The tempo has a good lively pace. The recording quality is clear and clean.

09-Jun-2011 23:22
This song is really good chilled and is something you would definatley hear on an advert or film.

10-Jun-2011 02:48
you where, although you have to look far away, I can stay because you". What a great song!

10-Jun-2011 03:29
i liked the song it had a real meaning to it keep doing what you do keep the hits comeing look to hear what is next

10-Jun-2011 03:59
i like this song. the vocalist has the slightly husky voice that i like. the singing is pretty solid and it goes nicely with
the music. the music is played good and the melody is quite catchy.

10-Jun-2011 04:34
it is a good song and group sounds very good, that is why i think it deserves a 10

10-Jun-2011 05:46
instrumental to the song is pretty coool and the vocal with the pitch of the artist does pretty suit the production.I like
this production cos its got all ingredents of a good song and its not too loud and all over the palce which makes me
call this a good song.well done mate!!

10-Jun-2011 08:00
the song has a nice pleasant melody that is refreshing and unique with a great quality to it that uplifts you and as
have a fabulous summery atmosphere. apt lyrics abnd vpca;s

09-Jun-2011 22:32
A very upbeat and friendly start that really invites you and involves you into the song. I loved the style of this song
and really felt it could do well in today's market, parts of the songs reminds me of a classic artist who did very well, I
really think this has very high potential and thus am Tipping this artist! :D

09-Jun-2011 23:17
i like the mix of rock and country in this track it great. it very upbeat and happy song. the lyrics are magnificant as
they tell a real story. the tempo is great and the beat is in time with everything else

09-Jun-2011 23:30
Making background on little bit style of country sounds very refreshing and is making this song more joyful. I also
love the tempo and vocal.

10-Jun-2011 02:01
highly inspiring voice filled with internal resources. Here is a combination of techniques are trained and subtle
sensuality of music.

10-Jun-2011 02:51
this song is very good. i like it so much, thank you love that song abd single very good

10-Jun-2011 02:52
I like the track man this is really good i like the hook. thanks for this song. crispness very good

10-Jun-2011 02:58
I like the melody of this song. It is gentle, easy listening, romantic. I'm here for you
10-Jun-2011 04:51
I found this song too, or want to share with everyone, do not know why, but when listening to this song in our hearts
filled with emotion.

10-Jun-2011 05:57
The acoustic guitar intro is a real winner here but I also love the Indie beat in the background. This singer has a
great voice and is clearly singing his own material.

10-Jun-2011 07:18
I really enjoyed listening to this track, the intro was of a very high quality and set up the rest of the track nicely. The
vocal sounded very good throughout.

- SoundOut

"Reviews of " A Bridge""

07-Jun-2011 09:20
You have such a nice vulnerability to your voice, it's sweet and yet has an edge that carries itself throughout the
entire song. And the lyrics itself I'm sure will strike a chord in anyone who's been through something similar to what
you're singing. I dig it, very nice

07-Jun-2011 12:21
the song is amazing just as your others are. I will buy an album from you. The best artist have songs that fit into
people's live.

07-Jun-2011 12:37
what an amazing track. i would love to now listen to your other tracks and would love to buy this album ! :)

07-Jun-2011 11:03
I thought you did well, your voice was nice and soft and they complimented the acoustic guitars well and the tone
and the nice little beats you used to dictate the song worked out.
Also, the meaning of the song was nice too, maybe the lead to the chorus wasn’t inch perfect but as the quality was
so good, I thought it’d be a nice addition to show room.

07-Jun-2011 09:17
A very nice and easy to hear acoustic song.I find the whole performance beautiful and neat.Very entertaining voice
as it offers energy and strength that made the track sounds beautiful and the backing voice is really great to
hear.Overall the song is nicely done and i enjoyed listening to the flow of the music of it.

07-Jun-2011 08:40
I think this song is quite romantic. The song carries a gentle melody and deeply. Moderately slow rhythm

07-Jun-2011 08:02
I like how the song starts, i really like this, you have your own style and your voice is beautiful.

07-Jun-2011 02:09
like the beat like the song but it seems like you need a better mic but it still sounds good.Nice upload and vocals.I
agree,adjusting your mic will take this song over the top. this is really quite relaxing. I find it out of the box and
simple. I guess everyone agrees about the slight mic problem. But overall, you really made something great

07-Jun-2011 12:49
The guitar part in the beginning is very impressive, in between drummer used the hi hat perfectly, the vocal of the
singer’s was nice, they timed the instrument in perfect. The voice is professional, which is lovely to listen. guitar
part is very attractive, but they can did well then this. Vocal gave stress in certain place which made it very melody.
The ending is very soft to listen. Moreover one of the best track

07-Jun-2011 11:59
The music has quite a good feel to it, there are a range of sounds and they do flow along nicely and make an overal
feel that is comfortable to lsiten to. The hrythm that is made is fine to hear too and you can follow it, it does feel to
have some depth and meaning in it. The vocals fit in with the hrythm and keep with it well.

07-Jun-2011 11:34
Nice flow in the music. The performer has good voice and he sings in an impressive way. Good change in vocals
and the pitching is good. Well connected track with awesome musical support. Fab track overall.

07-Jun-2011 11:05
Really liking the western feel of this track. It came together very finely and with such feeling. Sounds smooth.

07-Jun-2011 08:02
I like how the song starts, i really like this, you have your own style and your voice is beautiful.

07-Jun-2011 12:49
The guitar part in the beginning is very impressive, in between drummer used the hi hat perfectly, the vocal of the
singer’s was nice, they timed the instrument in perfect. The voice is professional, which is lovely to listen. guitar
part is very attractive, but they can did well then this. Vocal gave stress in certain place which made it very melody.
The ending is very soft to listen. Moreover one of the best track

07-Jun-2011 12:00
Very nice flow of rhythm of music and lyrcs and vocal sounds. Tempo was constant throughout making a magical
musical journey.

07-Jun-2011 11:59
A lovely musical start to the track I loved the guitar music at the beginning it was very pleasant. Vocal is very smooth
and clear and lyric is also fine in the track. Drums are fabulous along with the music. The music quality of the track
is very good and pleasant, overall I enjoyed the track it was breathtaking.

07-Jun-2011 11:39
Nice light fingered intro on the guitar. Followed by a nice build up when percussion kicks in. Vocals are sound and
the overall sound very pleasant. I would enjoy this band live. I would have liked more crescendo on the chorus.
Nice song.

07-Jun-2011 10:47
A tasteful guitar intro gets the song off to a good start. The melody is pretty good and the vocal tone is expressive.
Good and full accompaniment throughout instrumentally and also in the vocal harmonies.

07-Jun-2011 10:42
Really liked this song, lovely lyrics and harmonies, would have liked to hear the guitar abit more as it seemed abit
quiet. Other than that, I loved it.

07-Jun-2011 10:16
Good track, easy to listen to. The vocals are very good, strong and clear. The upbeat tempo was a joy to listen to
and easy on the ears.

07-Jun-2011 02:00
the guitar sounded very clear in sound quality which is good to listen to. the melodies in the guitar sounded very
much continuous and its good indeed. the singer has a good linear voice to the tune of the instruments which is
good and I like the expressive delivery of the singer for its making this song sound better and more catchy.

- SoundOut


Still working on that hot first release.



Chris Cornelius is an American recording/performing artist, songwriter and producer currently based in Santa Clarita, California.

Born in Mason, Michigan, Chris is a son of the late talented jazz keyboardist John Cornelius who in addition to many years of touring the US, accompanied the legendary singer Patti Page ("How much is that doggie in the window") early in her career. Chris moved with his family to Los Angeles at age 5 after his middle aged father retired from music to raise his new family.

He got his first guitar at age 7 and took up the accordion at age 8. After a few years of lessons he became quite accomplished on the accordion and went to several state competitions where he won first, second and third place trophies. After being teased endlessly by his friends, he decided that playing the accordion wasn't cool anymore and gave it up at age 12. In junior high school he played clarinet and bass clarinet in the school orchestra for 2 years.

Being influenced by bands like Led Zeppelin, Yes, The Beatles, America and the artist Neil Young ( to name a few), he started playing and writing folkish pop and rock songs. In later years his taste has expanded to include jazz, blues, classical, new age and several world music styles.

Chris is mainly a self taught musician who discovered early on that he had an intuitive ability to assimilate and blend many styles of music into his own unique sound. Though not formally schooled in music, Chris studied music theory and harmony from books and very talented musician friends who were graduates of schools like Musicians Institute in Hollywood and Berklee School of Music in Boston.

From the mid 80's through the mid 90's Chris played in several LA based rock bands: "The Audience", "The C.J. Cornelius Band" (country rock), "Persuasion", "Turning Point", and "Uncle Fester's Hot Tub Club Band" (dig that name!) to name a few. In the late 90's Chris formed an acoustic trio with his brother Marc and former girlfriend Tammy Ray called Cornelius Ray. With three part harmonies, guitars and assorted flutes, playing a blend of original and cover songs, they performed for 2 years around the LA area.
Since then Chris has continued to record and perform live domestically and internationally as solo artist.He also performs Classic Rock and Blues, (with originals mixed in) with his band, "The Chris Cornelius Band".

Chris's other credits include producing several projects for indie artists in Southern California and co-producing sessions at A & M Studios in Hollywood.
In collaboration with "Turning Point" guitarist Marc Rivett, he also wrote, produced, performed and recorded the soundtrack for the feature film "Cold Heat" Starring Britt Eckland.

From March to September 2006, Chris successfully toured the Philippines promoting his 3rd solo CD "On the Road to You".

See his main website for discography: 

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Over the years Chris has become a versatile musician and singer with a sound that is a blend of Pop/Rock, Folk, Blues, and World music influences with a touch of New Age, Jazz, Classical, and Country here and there. He is mainly a singer-guitarist but also plays keyboards, bass, wood and clay flutes, assorted hand drums and percussion.

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