Chris Corrao

Chris Corrao


Chris Corrao's music is a mixture of folk and acoustic rock that is different enough from the pack that he stands out.


Chris grew up in small town Alaska, but his influences have come from every part of the world. From gospel to punk rock he has let his creativity lead him to a style all his own. Chris started playing music in jr. high with league of 7 (a pop punk/rock band) after five years of playing with League of 7 Chris moved on to Bellingham , Wa where he started writing his own songs and performing arround town. 2 1/2 years from his first solo show chris now has dozens of shows under his belt and has performed on several radio stations. Chris Corrao's music tells a story, the story of life and death, of hardship and grace all while staying true to who He is.


the hope, the struggle, the fight

Written By: Chris Corrao

V1: the moon light illuminates the waiting room
a tear rolls down a face and hits the floor
how could anyone know she felt so
cold and all alone
18 years old, popular, from a good home
her dad he always tried to be supportive
worked overtime so she could have
what she wanted
he's devistated to know, he'll never have
a daughter to hold again.

CH: everyone should have seen, what was happening
that night inside her mind
i've had that same feeling before
when you just don't feel like living, anymore
but you push on, breath in, look up to the sky
reach out, hope for , something to make this right

V2: everyone told him
your way to young to know pain
he wont talk to anyone, cause he knows they feel that way
he's all but given up , he's all but broken down
whats there to live for, in this town


the hope, the struggle, the fight, keep on living this life
the hope, the struggle, the fight, keep on living this life.


so this is destiny - 2007

Set List

south x southeast, a dark night, may rains, what will i say, the hope the struggle the fight, it's not that easy, next time your around, i dont know if this is love, showers of blessing.
i play several more songs when the set requires i've play anywhere from 15 min to 1 1/2 hours.