Chris Crompton

Chris Crompton


Raised on the Beatles, weaned on hip-hop and rap, and nourished by classic rock and experimental bands, Chris surrendered to electronic dance music in seconds. Today he strives for a unique blend of styles that get people moving to the dance music he loves so much.


Chris Crompton has been playing music all his life. He began experimenting with electronic music at an early age, and soon after he had his start DJing. Being versatile and open-minded has led him to playing with various artists from an array of genres including Stacey Pullen, 20/20 Soundsystem, Nosaj Thing, Dr. Fameus, Brothers' Past, Digital Frontier, Sonkin, CIA, Segway, Damn Right!, MJ Project, and The Indobox all the while keeping his primary focus on house music.

Chris Crompton also actively runs and is a founding member of Glass Grenade Productions, a booking and promotion company deeply rooted in the northeast American electronica scene.


There are songs available to listen to on Myspace:

Set List

Sets are flexible, ranging from 30 minutes to 5 hours. In virtually any setting, Chris can appropriately feel out and cater to the needs of the show.