Chris Crossroads

Chris Crossroads

 Windsor, Ontario, CAN

Singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, playing hard and fast or sweet and slow Chris Crossroads carves out a sound all his own. Steeped in a cauldron of roots music - he learned banjo from a Japanese man in the woods and learned to write on the streets, a performer with no limits!


Chris Crossroads eschews the pop/contemporary tradition of 'music'. Drawing from many influences, he has been compared to the likes of Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Tom Waits and Townes Van Zandt.

Now back on his feet he has been gigging and recording since 2006. His appearances are common but not limited to the folk/indie/bluegrass scenes in Canada and the USA. A penchant for extending his repertoire of both self-composed maladies and the universal songbook make him accessible to a broad listener-ship.

He continues to song write sans sonic or genre borders. Fighting for the sake of the song and the thrill of live performance. His goal - to bring sonic joy straight to the hearts and minds of listeners abroad while fighting against intolerance and insecurities.


'DIY LIVE' (to be released in dec 2011)

'Chris Crossroads and the Albert Street Choir' (self-titled, to be released dec 2011)

'Uroccan Cowboy' (2009) - independent

'Dirty Roads' (2008) w/The Magnificent 7's -Transistor 66

Music has appeared on radio stations across Canada and the USA

Set List

up to 3 sets original material

-The Devil
-Back Home Blues
-Southern Fried Turnips
-Waiting Too Long
-The Wolf
-Signs of Time
-Wiskee Peet & Buphalo Bil
-Tonight's the Night
-If I Was Tom Waits

-Chris Crossroads Wake
-Rattlesnakes & Venom
-Leave No Man Behind
-If You'd Be Mine
-The Rent is Too Damn High
-Spare a Dime Blues
-Girl on the Greyhound bus, you were so fine I wish we could've been something but men were never made with thoughts that counted
-New Mountain Backstep
-I Don't Wanna Hang Around No More

-Leave No Man Behind
-A Rambler
-Prayin' You'll Come Home
-Just One Day
-Basement Blues
-Stars in the Sky
-In the Ground
-Lonely in Loa