Chris "Crystal" Walker

Chris "Crystal" Walker


Post-industrial, Avant-Garde- music, experimental music, created by poet Chris Walker


Chris "Crystal" Walker; published poet,... gritty urban scenarios are subtle undercurrents in this work.


in your finest hour

Written By: Chris "Crystal" Walker

killing the young
freezing cold on the avenue
I almost cried when i saw your face in the casket.
Emporess of the storm
who commands the winds and the sky...
but its so god damned cold
and freezin'
all along the avenue
its so cold...
from the powers
In this your finest hour
command the wind
Ride the sky
and you die
Ride the sky
So cold and lonley, so
very cold/
like i am
for you...
but I never shed a tear
never spoke aword
I never made a sound
Indian reservation
American mortuary/

...some kind of shelter
cold and freezin
Slam your door in the face of the
No good.
see you people
"spare some change?" (2x)
see you people cold and

Till Monday Morning We're in Heaven

Written By: Christopher James Walker

Rising with the sun
she has got me on the run
but her loving hot as fire
kickstarts my motor and desire

slide it into third as we
heat it up
on down the way
burning candles
at both ends
but its the only way to play

leaving work to get a beer
at the end of a long day
and that boss i've got 's
a jerk
but now's my time to play

fill up my Ford and get my girl
as we head out in the night
and i'm not going back
cause it's Friday man/ alright!

kiss my honey in her jeans
and we both know where we're heading
cuz we'll both remain un seen
till monday morning /we're in heaven!

Fade Away

Written By: Chris "Crystal" Walker

Not by night
Or Christmas Day
My city child
Time fades away
To kiss the night
& Praise the day
Far too many young ones
Come her way... but
Where are you now?
In some vacant house
Cigarettes all over the floor
Broken glass/ memories of something more...
You were the one I would have loved
If I could have controlled my mind
You were the one I would have done
The devil is so unkind...
You're an angel
With the face of a devil
A vampire
& those flames rise higher
Watch you turn blue &
She will save you
She will find you and
She will blind you...
Life was beginning with ghosts
From the past
Traveling time remember this rhyme
For years he swam in whiskey pools
Sleep on park benches and bar stools
To kiss the night and praise the day
City child, time fades away
I 'aint black and I ‘aint white
Just a product of one to many nights
In front of your TV
So go on and push me, your
Society is breeding
Fades Away…
Close the door/ Fades Away
On the floor/ Fades Away
Space and reason/ Fades Away
Memories of your eyes/ Fades Away
Fades away


Just Before Dawn- CD (first release)

Set List

Spoken word only at this time. Working on new project titled "Light of Day."