Chris Cunningham

Chris Cunningham


Acoustic folk drawing on the influences of the songwriters of the '70s such as Dylan, Denver, Croce, Lightfoot, Mitchell, Young etc.


One half of a popular acoustic folk duo Storyhill. Began writing and playing in mid 80's during highschool. Toured extensively throughout USA and released over 14 albums in various formats.


Empty Tunes

Written By: Jenny Eck/Chris Cunningham

"Empty Tunes"

(Vrs 1)

You left your guitar case in the corner of my bedroom.
Makes me feel like the music to my favorite songs has left me too.
Alone, with nothing but the harmonies to your empty tunes.

(Vrs 2)

All my friends try to convince me to listen to new ones.
No replacing the magic you and I had in our song.
It's over, and I can't go on with your empty tunes.


Once your baby and your lover,
now a joke, you need your cover,
no time left over for us to play
these days.

(Vrs 3)

The best part of any sad love song is the silence at the end ... that makes it possible for another.
I (just) need a chance to fill
my heart again
after your empty tunes.

(repeat Brdg)


Madly Out the Cabin Door, Full Circle, First Snow, Concierto, 2 Forms of ID and the entire Storyhill catalogue.

Set List

Two 45 minute sets
All originals with maybe one or two covers