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Chris D.

Florissant, Missouri, United States

Florissant, Missouri, United States
Band Hip Hop Gospel


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This band has not uploaded any videos




It’s 2010 and Christian rap music is in full effect and in heavy rotation. If you thought it’s been missing for awhile, trust me it’s been there. If you thought something was lacking from it, then it’s probably because you haven’t heard about the new artist Christopher Daniels aka Chris D. Set to release his first album “Vertical Beginnings” in the summer, this Missourian native tells it all on each track.

When asked why the name “Vertical Beginnings”, he says “I’ve been through my fair share of ups and downs. I thought I was doing what God wanted, but in the end I realized I was being manipulated to do the things I did by the ministry and not necessarily for God. I’m not doing it for man this time around. The line between you and God has to be vertical because you look up to the heavens whereas for man it’s horizontal because you’re all on the same plane…but I’m starting over…me and God…a vertical beginning”.

He shows a realistic side of the faith through his real life experiences and the youths of those around him especially on the singles “Change My Name” and “We Need You”. He delivers smooth heartfelt lyrics with Bryson Harlan singing on the hook and crooning in the background. On the single “His Story”, the lyrics are so profound that you can hear the raw edginess and the depth of it all. As you listen to his music, you can tell that each track tells a story that has the impact to move you closer to God.

Chris D definitely plugs the gap in Christian rap as he eats the truth and burps reality. He brings a new feel to the genre. Some might say that he makes Christ look attractive or rather he makes being a Christian look cool without the compromise of the world. As he continues to gear his music towards the youths of this generation and seek to be an agent of change in the Kingdom, buy his album, experience it for yourself and let his story inspire you to draw closer to the Father above and seek a vertical beginning.

Written By:

De Leon Hazel – Owner of 3KINGS Magazine

- De Leon Hazel – Owner of 3KINGS Magazine


Awesome GOD - featuring Nivram

Change My name- featuring Bryson Harlan

We Need You- featuring Bryson Harlan



First Time Again
and many more...



In a generation where most of our youths turn to gangs so that they can fit in, Christopher Robert Daniels does the complete opposite – he turns to God. Born October 18th 1982 in the ghettos of St. Louis, Missouri, Christopher sought to be different. At the age of 14, he found himself walking towards the altar to render himself useful to the Father up above. Amidst the world around him, sex being the sole purpose of the kids his age, he felt God wanted more from him to reach them.

Inspired by the death of a mentee in 2002, Chris D started rapping and recording but as life would have it, there were many setbacks which caused him to be out of the studio. After a while of absence, Chris is finally back and going harder for God in his lyrics especially on the album “Vertical Beginnings” where he spits nothing but the truth. You can hear his raw authenticity on tracks such as “Change My Name”, “We Need You” and “His Story”.

Although he has experienced his fair share of trials and tribulations throughout his youth and young adult life, he has come to learn that “he is not just a part of a youth ministry, but that his life as a youth is a ministry”- a direct quote taken from his “Chronicles of Change” book series that is presently available on Chris D is proving that Christian rap can go the distance while still being influential enough to speak to your heart and your soul especially when you’re seeking a vertical beginning with the Father.

Written By: De Leon Hazel