Chris DaCosta

Chris DaCosta


Chris DaCosta has the kind of voice that makes you stop dead in your tracks and listen. His impressive range and emotive delivery are right at home among the R&B greats of today. Writer, producer/guitarist, and vocalist Chris DaCosta is a triple threat ready to take the industry by storm.


Chris DaCosta was born in Elizabeth, New Jersey. He taught himself to play the guitar at age 8 and began composing music shortly thereafter. In what seemed like no time, he was recognized as a child prodigy in his community after displaying the ability to play various songs from great artists such as Santana, Prince, Jimi Hendrix by ear. After relocating to California at age 13, Chris began singing and developing his own unique sound. It became evident that he possessed a work ethic that far exceeded his years, as he would practice for hours on end. This sense of perfectionism is still apparent in his music today, as you listen to the richness of his tone and pitch-perfect harmonies.
In November of 2012 Chris entered a contest to have his new single “Tonight” played on one of the Bay Area’s most popular radio stations, KMEL 106. He won by a landslide, earning over 2,000 votes, which was over 1,000 more than the contestant who took second place. KMEL aired the song on a Friday night at 11:00pm, one of the most highly coveted times to be played on any radio station. The requests to hear the song have been pouring in to KMEL ever since.
On the strength of that success, Chris has shot a video for the song “Tonight” which will be released early 2013, followed by a yet-to-be-titled EP album.


Tonight - Single 2013 (Streaming on Jango Radio)