Chris D'Amato

Chris D'Amato

 Hamden, Connecticut, USA

Chris is thrilled to be making his second appearance at the 2010 International Blues Challenge. In 2008 he was a finalist. For the past 25 years Chris D'Amato has been playing soulful acoustic and electric blues and roots music. Chris performs solo or with a band.


Chris has been playing the blues professionally for 25 years. He has toured nationally with LA Jones and Debbie Davies. Chris also fronts his own band. He is equally adept in solo acoustic or electric band settings and is at home playing many styles of blues and slide guitar, including Chicago and Delta Blues, with a mix of jazz, psychedelia and soul. Not one to rest on a single style, Chris is always searching for musical fluidity. Chris uses traditional technique and fresh songwriting while paying homage to the blues masters.


The Smokin' Opey Band It'll all come back.
Smokin' Opey Alone and Acoustic

Set List

My typical set list is a mix of originals and covers. I cover traditional acoustic blues and electric Chicago styled blues. My originals reflect my influences.