Chris Daniels Stuntman

Chris Daniels Stuntman


Chris Daniels - Spider-Man Unmasked, Behind the Scenes with Hollywood's Hottest Stuntman


If you know Spider-Man, then you know that "with great power comes great responsibility." And since 2001, nobody has shouldered the physical weight of being Spider-Man more than award-winning Hollywood stuntman Chris Daniels, Tobey Maguire's stuntman in all three Spider-Man movies. Now, for an exclusive look from behind the mask, Daniels reveals the secrets of his craft in a captivating interactive and multi-media lecture presentation inspiring audiences to tap into their own "super powers" by seizing opportunities and soaring with their personal strengths.

During Daniels' presentation, audience members get to experience what it is to be a Hollywood stuntman firsthand as he takes them through his stunt props bag; shows behind-the-scenes clips; and shares some of the most heart-stopping, jaw-dropping stunts of his stellar career. At the end of the show it's clear: Chris Daniels isn't your average stuntman, he truly is your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man!