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"Featured Guest: Chris De Guzman"

Finally, our featured guest was a very talented, up and coming artist, Winnipeg-based Chris De Guzman who joined us live in our studios. The anticipation of the listeners was evident with our phone lines lighting up like crazy even before the start of the interview! During the interview, Chris humbly talked about how he decided to put everything on hold for the time being (he was a student in the US to become a Doctor of Optometry!) to give it his all in breaking through the music recording industry. More importantly, we were able to get to know the super supportive De Guzman family (Mr. and Mrs. Gil and Marisa, twin brother Anthony), who also joined us in the studio and how they knew from the beginning that Chris "have what it takes" and they were there for him "all the way." We played his track, "Never Gave Up" and performed LIVE a tribute to his Filipino heritage,"Habang May Buhay." Chris is already enjoying a lot of success now. Some of his songs are already getting airplay on mainstream radio stations here in Winnipeg, Canada (including CKJS 810 AM). He performed when major Philippine network, ABS-CBN's "Wowowee" variety show touched down in Winnipeg's MTS Centre. Right now, he's currently in Asia/Philippines doing promotional work and recording his debut album! We wish him all the best! For more information, please visit his website: - CKJS Radio


Debit EP (2008):
Better Than Him
Never Gave Up
My Bad
Habang May Buhay (Filipino Song)
Without You (Strings by Larry Gold)
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Born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, Chris De Guzman has always had music running through his veins (literally). Both his parents are singers and met through singing. From 1994-1997, Chris lived and studied in the Philippines where he learned about his parents' native culture and language (Filipino/Tagalog), which he is very fluent in.

Chris De Guzman has been singing all his life; ever since he can remember. From early childhood recordings, to solos in school choirs and plays, singing competitions, and formal events/parties, Chris has never lost his love for music and singing, even while fully submersed in his studies and other extracurricular activities. His lifetime and undying passion for music and singing, as well as his recent accomplishments/developments, have influenced his decision to focus and fully commit his life to a career in the music/entertainment industry. He decided to put a hold on everything else in his life (school, cars, girlfriend, etc.) so that he could put all his focus and attention to his music and showbiz career...

Chris has an identical twin brother named Anthony, and they are well known (as "DA TWINZ") locally and internationally for their Toyota Celica Turbo show car, which has been fully featured (i.e. magazine spreads) in over 10 internationally distributed magazines. The car has also accumulated over 20 magazine appearances from car show coverages, advertisements, etc. Moreover, they've been featured in newspapers, on TV, on various websites, and are backed by 21 corporate sponsors. They've won over 30 car show awards (including numerous Best of Show awards), and continue to have confirmed magazine features to be released soon.

Chris has performed at various formal events and parties such as birthdays and wedding anniversaries, as well as at his local church. He entered Idol competitions and made it as a finalist in Winnipeg Idol, and made it to the TV round in Canadian Idol and American Idol. He also did very well in (won or was a finalist for) numerous local, school, and online competitions. Chris is currently finishing his debut album in a couple recording studios in Canada and Asia with composers and songwriters from the Universal Music Group and Sony. His first 3 singles are included in this EPK as a sample of his sound of music.

As you can see, Chris is a very hard working person, in everything he does. He hopes one day that he will become an international superstar and do what he loves most... to sing and touch people's hearts while doing so.

Chris De Guzman