Chris Dobson

Chris Dobson


Stripped down alternative/rockandroll. Music that's not afraid to rock without a rhythm section. Whether playing solo or with backup the music always maintains energy and integrity.


Chris Dobson has played all the hip clubs in Southern Ontario with various bands since the mid 80's including Collins Bay Institute Minimum Security Prison with his ska band "Blank Expression" Now he wants to play his own brand of stripped down alternative rock and roll on his own terms. He's dabbled in ska/reggae,punk ,post punk and everything left of centre.

Since recording his first solo album "Goodbye Digby" at home on his analogue 4 track, he's been playing the clubs to get his DIY rock and roll sound out to the masses. His biggest influence is Joe Strummer from his early Clash days to his final album. "Joe always did what he wanted but his love for rock and roll stayed the same whether it was influenced by punk, reggae and even hip hop.

Chris is now at home recording the follow up to his first CD with new digital equipment and even more ideas to stretch the rock and roll legacy.


LP: "Goodbye Digby" Released Feb. 2006

Streaming radio airplay:
4 Tracks on
"Gems", "Secret Surprise", "Mascot", "Different Now" (new track for upcoming album)

3 Tracks on
"Gems", "Repetition is the Key", "Andaleeb"

Set List

I have about two hours of repertoire that I can play. It is about 50/50 originals vs. covers.

My typical set list is all of my songs on the "Goodbye Digby" CD. I am now starting to add new songs as they become finished. Right now I've added "Different Now" to my setlist.
I will add a couple of cover songs as well. My set usually runs about 45 minutes but can play as long as 2 hours.

Cover Songs:
"Wave of Mutilation" The Pixies
"Coma Girl" Joe Stummer
"Train in Vain" The Clash
"Fake Plastic Trees" Radiohead
"Watching the Detectives" Elvis Costello
"I Know It's Over" The Smiths
"Glad Girls" Guided by Voices
"Winona" Matthew Sweet
"Here Comes a Regular" The Replacements