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Chris Dollar

Band Pop Singer/Songwriter


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Rough Draft - 2004 (Self Recorded)
Acoustic Currency - 2006 (MMC Studios/ Self Produced)
Newep - Not released yet (Self Recorded New EP)

**Acoustic Currency is on itunes,, and other various music store sites. It is also in local music stores in Bloomington, Indiana.

** is where you can see some new material from the newep.



I started playing my freshmen year of high school and aside from eating and sleeping I would not have put it down yet. It wasn't for three years until I wrote a song good enough, I thought, to play for others. "Attempt 17" off the Acoustic Currency Album 2006. It was just a way of expressing my feelings, for some girl of course. After that there was a huge yearning to write more and more songs. So I tried and tried. With some luck and some time I had 9 songs complete and ready to be performed.
It was one summer day when Nate Altman, dear friend, told me what my birthday gift was. My closest friends all chipped in to send me to a recording studio and make an album. It was the nicest thing that anyone has ever done for me and forever be greatful.
I went on to college and we released the CD after my first semester there at Barley Island Brewing company in central Indiana. Some two years had passed and I was now in a constant battle of going for music or getting a real job.
Then, in the summer of 08 I was in LA for an internship with GRAMMY Camp. What an experience that was. There was a speaker there talking to us about taking that leap and he said, "if you have a fall back plan in life you WILL fall back on it." It was then that I new I had to completely immerse myself if becoming a musician. Now my room consists of instruments, recording equipment, and a bed that I fold up against the window for more soundproofing during sessions.

The music I play has two theories. 1.) I dont want to play a style that is continuous throughout an entire set. Sure I have a style, and it is playing with extreme passion and meaningful lyrics. And these indeed can bridge the genre gaps for experiencing something you have not heard before. 2.) When I write songs and chord progressions, I dont want to be bored playing them. If I am not challenged with a song and bored playing it than you would be bored watching! I add my intricacies and go to areas of the scale not to often delved into.

So there you have it. I am a versatile musician who want to perform and entertain. I am a singer/songwriter who can hold his own on stage and pack a punch in his performance.