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The best kept secret in music


"Chris to take ‘Fast Car’ to success in the States"

Chris to take ‘Fast Car’ to success in the States
WaterFord News
WATERFORD City pop singer Chris Doran is making the big leap into the tough but highly lucrative American music market that is the Holy Grail of all music artists this side of the Atlantic.

Californian-based record label, Bootcamp Records, is about to release one of the Hennessy Road singer’s singles - a hip hop dance cover of the Tracey Chapman song Fast Car.
Another version, he has recorded of the song is currently being played on several radio stations in California.

“The second version of Fast Car will be coming out within the next two weeks,” the former You’re a Star talent contest winner told the Water-ford News & Star.
“Bootcamp Records want me to go out to California in March and record a video to go with the single and if it sells well, the company plans to release it elsewhere in the States,” he disclosed.
Chris has been interviewed by numerous US music magazines and radio stations as part of the marketing campaign for his new single.

Now Showing, a magazine sold in 42 states in the US, will publish a major feature on Chris next month.
When he travels to California, he will be discussing future opportunities with Bootcamp Records executives.
Chris says he would love to move to the US and pursue his singing career there as Ireland is a very tough market to develop a successful career.

“You can’t get a much tougher place than Ireland to try and break into the music business because there is such a small population. California alone has 35m people.”
Back home, Chris is working in studio on his fourth single, a new song by well-known Irish singer/songwriter Don Mescall, who will launched his new album in The Forum in Water-ford this coming Friday.
According to Chris, the new single will be released in early March. He and his band will do a nationwide concert tour to promote the song before heading to America.

But the US isn’t the only foreign shore beckoning for Chris Doran.
Next Tuesday, he will jet off to Canberra in Australia where he is scheduled to headline an open-air concert on February 17.
Chris Doran fans can keep up to date news on his music and career by logging on to his new website:

- Waterford News

"America Beckons"

Chris Doran has released his 1st single in the U.S., an up-tempo version of Tracy Chapman’s ‘Fast Car’ and it is receiving lots of airplay and great reviews across the states.

He is currently working alongside Bootcamp Enterprises in California who are involved in a major marketing campaign for Chris and he will be featured in numerous magazines, in particular ‘Now Showing’ which is on sale in 42 states. This magazine with a feature on Chris will be available in early March.

*Upcoming Australian concert

Chris is flying to Australia next week for a major open air concert in Canberra.

*New single and tour

Chris is currently working with Don Mescal for a release on his return to Ireland in March. Also on Chris’s return from Australia he will be making plans to do an nationwide tour of Ireland with a new line-up of Waterford city and county musicians.
Details of the new single and tour, which will take in some Waterford dates, will be available in the coming weeks.
- Munster Express

"Chris Doran’s new release is a superb Don Mescall song"

WATERFORD City singer Chris Doran’s latest single composed by one of the country’s top songwriters Don Mescall is being played for the first time to radio listeners across the country this week.

Waterford Local Radio was the first station in the country to play the new song, All of the Above, which goes on sale at record stores nationwide in two weeks time.

Well-known singer/songwriter Don Mescall is the composer of the song and Chris, who represented Ireland at the Eurovision two years ago, is very hopeful it will be a hit for him. “It’s a good song, very easy listening and very catchy,” Chris told the Waterford News & Star yesterday.

Don, who has also worked with top singers like Frances Black, Eleanor Shanley, and Lulu, approached Chris about singing one of his songs some time ago. “Don had been onto me a few times saying he would love me to sing one of his tracks and I was delighted to work with him.”

Chris plans to kick off a nationwide concert tour with his band to promote All of the Above in three to four weeks time. The song, which is his four single, is being released almost in tandem with his first US single - a hip hop dance cover of the Tracey Chapman song Fast Car.

Californian based record label, Bootcamp Records, is releasing the single. Another version of the song Chris recorded has been playing on radio stations in California for the past two months.

He said he will be travelling out to California soon to shoot a video for Fast Car. It has been pretty hectic overall for the former You’re a Star winner since Christmas. Last month Chris headlined an open-air concert in Canberra in Australia.
- Waterford News


* For You - October 2003 (Album)
* If MY World Stopped Turning - April 2004
* Nothing's Gonna Change My Love - Sept 2004
* Right Here Waiting - November 2004
* Right Here - December 2004 (Album)
* All Of The Above - April 2006
* Fast Car (The Remix) USA Single - April 2006


Feeling a bit camera shy


Chris Doran was born in Waterford City, Ireland on 22nd November 1979. From an early age Chris showed a great interest in music. At the age of four Chris started music lessons on his keyboard with a local music teacher. Chris is also a keen kick boxer and went on to win numerous titles including 8 All-Ireland Championships. Chris biggest battle was soon to come, it wasn’t in the ring. At the age of 12 he was unfortunately diagnosed with cancer. Chris spent years in and out of hospital until he finally overcame the serious life threating illness. Grateful for all the help he had received during his difficult time and desiring to 'do his bit' and give something back to help others in unfortunate circumstances Chris volunteered in 1997 along with eleven other young people from Ireland for a six week project to Kenya, Africa. The project involved the construction of a school in the Mau Hill district. The area suffered from extreme poverty and the experience is forever etched on Chris's mind.

At the age of 16 Chris started to take music serious and decided it was the career he wanted. He entered various talent competitions and went on to win numerous awards, "Best Male Vocalist" in 2000 and 2002. He then decided that he was going to start writing songs for an album that he was going to release independently in his home-town.

In October 2003 after months writing he went into a local studio and recorded his debut album called "For You". This album was a major success and sold thousands of copies and was also No.1 in the South-East of Ireland for 5 months.

In November 2003 Chris decided to make his nationwide appearance on a programme called "You’re A Star" where the winner of that programme goes on to represent Ireland in the "Eurovision Song Contest" in Turkey. Week after week Chris battled it out with 11 other finalists in a live show. While on the show Chris got fantastic support from the people of Ireland.

In March 2004 after 12 long weeks Chris was finally announced the winner of the show and went on to represent Ireland in the "Eurovision Song Contest 2004" in Turkey in May. Over 1 million people casted there votes on the night of the final. Chris was brought back to his hometown, where his fans gathered in the town. Over 20,000 people came out to support him. In April he released a single which was the song that he was singing at the contest called

"If My World Stopped Turning" this single soared straight to the top of the charts. It held the No.1 position for a 4 weeks and stayed in the top 10 for a further 7 weeks. It went on to be the biggest selling single to date selling in excess of 75,000 copies and he received a double-platinum disc. From there he went on to touring all over Ireland where he sold out all of his shows and still does to this day. In May 2004 he set off to Turkey to represent Ireland. A following of over 700 people from all over Ireland also flew to Turkey to support Chris.

In September he released his follow up single called "Nothing’s Gonna Change My Love For You". When this single was released it went in straight at No.2 and stayed in that position for a further 4 weeks. In November Chris released another single called "Right Here Waiting" which went straight in the top 10 and stayed there for 3 weeks. In December 2004 he released his much anticipated album called "Right Here" where he does a mixture of Pop, RnB and some classic oldies. In each track Chris has put his touch to them and made them his own. This album was a great success and to this day it is still a major seller. It was yet again No.1 in the South East for 4 weeks. Chris has a major following in Ireland. In January he was voted the "Best Male" searched for on the internet beating Robbie Williams, Brad Pitt and Michael Jackson.

In January 2006, Chris got a major break when a label in California decided to market Chris around the USA. They heard a track that Chris had on his album that was released in Ireland called "Fast Car". They liked the idea of remixing this track and decided that they would add another artist that is with the label called "Randi" She added some hip-hop to the track. This song has just been chosen to feature in a movie called "The Scraper Boyz" to be released in the coming months. This single is currently being played across the USA and will be released on the 24th April.

Chris has just released his 4th single in Ireland called "All Of The Above" which was written by Don Mescall, and is currently planning a tour across Ireland and the USA..