Chris Farmer Music

Chris Farmer Music

 Huntington Beach, California, USA

For over 35 years, Chris Farmer continues to deliver high end, high-quality musical services for a wide range of bands and situations including corporate functions, special events, private parties, charity fundraisers, city concert series, casinos, fairs and festivals.


For over 35 years, classically trained pop/rock musician and vocalist Chris Farmer continues to deliver high end, high-quality musical services. Currently Farmer is on a first call basis for such diverse artists as the Legends of Surf Music featuring original Beach Boys Al Jardine and David Marks, Timothy B. Schmit of the Eagles in support of his latest solo CD "Expando," and the Jan & Dean Show, featuring Dean Torrence. Through his music company and as a freelance musician, his resume includes thousands of performances at corporate functions, special events, private parties, charity fundraisers, city concert series, casinos, fairs and festivals, as a vocalist, bassist, keyboardist, musical director and/or road manager.

Current projects include:

Timothy B. Schmit Solo Project

Former Poco member and current Eagle Timothy B. Schmit's first ever solo performances occured when he formed a small rhythm section to support his latest CD, "Expando." The support players include session guitarist, audio engineer and producer Hank Linderman, drummer Herman Matthews, and keyboardist/bassist and former musical director for The Beach Boys, Chris Farmer. In between Eagles commitments, this group has toured regularly at home and overseas since first forming in 2009.

"Jan & Dean Beach Party! Featuring Dean Torrence"

The music of Jan Berry and Dean Torrence, including their megahits "Surf City," "The Little Old Lady From Pasadena," and "Dead Man's Curve" continues to thrill and entertain audiences at select corporate functions, charity fundraisers, casinos, and fairs and festivals across North America and beyond. After Jan's untimely death in 2004, Dean carries on the legacy of the famous duo with the act "Jan & Dean Beach Party! Featuring Dean Torrence." Chris Farmer serves as musical director and road manager for the and solicits members of "The OC" Beach Band to flesh out the touring group.
Personnel: 6 band, 1 crew

"'The OC' Beach Band" - Beach Boys Tribute Show

"'The OC' Beach Band" is a high end corporate event band performing The Beach Boys greatest hits and classic rock favorites, featuring current and former players and singers from the Brian Wilson band and The Beach Boys, including Chris Farmer, 12 year member and former musical director of The Beach Boys. "The OC" Beach Band - the music and vocals behind the legends!
Personnel: 6 band, 1 crew

"Desperado" - The Premier Eagles Tribute

With five lead vocalists and instrumentalists who have honed their musical skills in a variety of professional projects, "Desperado" is truly a cut above their counterparts with their all live (no backing tracks or samplers used in their show) presentation of the most popular band of the 70's, the Eagles. This group includes members who have performed with Eagles Don Felder, J.D. Souther, and Chris Farmer who currently is the keyboardist/bassist/vocalist for Eagle Timothy B. Schmit's solo project. Singing the Eagles soaring harmonies while executing the guitar parts and rhythm track to perfection, "Desperado" challenges the listener to tell the difference between what is being played live and the original versions of the songs.
Personnel: 5 band

"Keepin' The Summer Alive" - The Premier Beach Boys Tribute

Chris Farmer, 12 year member and former musical director of The Beach Boys and current bassist/keyboardist for Timothy B. Schmit of the Eagles has created "Keepin' The Summer Alive," a hi-energy tribute group to The Beach Boys. This act is a sister act to "Desperado." Both shows can be combined to present an evening of Eagles and Beach Boys.
Personnel: 5 band

"The Belair Bandits" - Beach Music/Classic Rock Tribute

Since 1980, "The Belair Bandits" have been pleasing audiences worldwide with their top-notch performances of beach themed hits and Classic Rock's biggest hits. The group performs Beach Boys, Surf Instrumentals, Jimmy Buffet, Reggae, and Caribbean songs with equal skill. 


Chris Farmer (solo):
Wonderful Christmastime (single) - 2010
A Star-Spangled Do-Wop (single) - 2009
Little St. Nick (single) - 2009
California Dreamin' (full length CD) - 2008

With The Beach Boys:
The Beach Boys (Live UK Tour!) - 2004

With Jan & Dean:
Jan & Dean Silver Summer - 1988
One Summer Night - 1981

With The Belair Bandits:
Baked Goods - 1999
How We Spent Our Summer Vacations - 1991
Belair Bandits EP - 1982

Set List

The Legends of Surf Music show includes:

A blend of Jan & Dean and Beach Boys hits

A meet and greet that includes pictures, autographs and interviews.

Custom accessories including: CDs, concert posters, backstage laminates, beachwear, beach balls and T-shirts.

Audience participation segments including an "Air Guitar" contest, where the band gives away a brand new, autographed Fender Squier Stratocaster guitar.

"Wipe Out Contest" where audience members get a chance to play the famous drum solo with the group and win autographed drumsticks and a T-shirt.

"Dance Contest" where CD prizes are given away.

"Hula-Hoop Contest" with more CDs and DVD giveaways.

It all adds up to a great time for your audience and the best Beach Party experience around. The Legends of Surf Music also bring the finest oldies dance tunes to round out their engagements so everyone can dance to their favorite songs.

Beach Boys and Jan & Dean Songs:

California Girls
Do It Again