Chris Fewell

Chris Fewell


Extremely creative guitar based rock/pop songs with witty, POSITIVE lyrics that mainly attack all accepted popular theologies. Very different, highly influenced by the rock of the 60's, but not in a rehashed Lenny Kravits way, much more innovative and unique. VERY COOL... Check it out baby...


I have been a Beatles maniac since the age of 3, and have always felt a connection with John Lennon. When I was about 16 I got turned on to the whole concept of the jam band, and became obsessed with Jazz and Funk (Funkadelic, Miles Davis, The Meters...) The Beatles and Funk are definitely my two biggest influences, but I have ALL KINDS of others I won't even get into. I have never known anyone who said my music was like anything else. The sound is extremely fresh, and is not afraid to poke at the flaws in today's non melodic, trashy, meaningless garbage that is plaguing the radio. I truly aim to destroy all that music has become, and have a no sampling policy on everything I do. Each song is it's own universe, with it's own feel and message, it's just one of those things you'll never understand until you hear, but I don't believe that many artists these days understand just what makes a song great. I think that we've become a very blah and unimpressed society, since we just assume that there's nothing we can't do with computers anymore, and I really want to put an end to this mindset. There used to be a thing called "Studio Magic", because there was an excitement in the fact that the band was feeling it as they played it, and that they were so tight WITHOUT computers to fix mistakes and keep the tempo steady. There's a deep need for serious musicianship out there, and I think I have what it takes to deliver.


I have never released anything I've ever done, but I have an over 8 disc long ( 100 to 150 songs) collection of recorded material, all done in my basement between the age of 14 and 20.

Set List

I don't play shows very often because I have trouble finding players with enough vision, but when I have in the past, my sets usually run 45 minutes to an hour, without a set list really, I just kind of play whatever feels right, my set is usually different every time. I will however, list the songs that tend to continually be requested at shows.

"Bind", "Stop Thinking About Your Freakin' Self",
"Pocket Size", "So Many Times", "Every Day Sunday", "The Death of Me"

I rarely do covers, but when I have, I have done
"Everybody's Got Something To Hide Except For Me and My Monkey" - The Beatles
"Oh! Yohko" - John Lennon
"Lola" - The Kinks
"Let's Get it On" - Marvin Gaye