Chris Fuller

Chris Fuller


Deeply poetic songs with acoustic roots.


Though I was born in central Illinois, I grew up in Colorado and then moved to LA. I now live in New York City with my wife, Amanda, two cats and a rabbit. A few years ago I began writing a new song weekly, which eventually led me to create the Song Diary. In 2003 the lyrics to my song “The Dustbowl” were chosen as the foreword for a collection of work inspired by the late Warren Zevon. In 2006 my song “Subway Singin’ Blues” was included in Volume 6 of the Ride The Train series, available from Newbraugh Brothers Records. Also in 2006, I was selected as an Artist In Residence by the Lower Manhattan Cultural Coucil. Some of the music I wrote during that period made it on to my debut album, Sangamon (2007).

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Sangamon (2007) -- Full length album
Subway Singin' Blues (2006) -- Released on Ride The Train Vol. 15/16 by Newbraugh Bros. Music
Song Diary -- -- a new song every week.

Set List

A typical set list will be built around the songs on my debut album Sangamon:
Widowmaker Creek
When The Land Is Dry
Cold Below The Waves
Dreams Of You
Walking Blues
Whispering Night
Get A Room
The Pantaneiro
Keep My Secret
Midnight Fog
Light In The Center

I tend to do 45 min. sets, but I have enough original outside of the stuff on my album that I can easily play longer or multiple sets.