Chris Gover

Chris Gover


Chris’s style is a mix of rock, electronic dance, folk and hip-hop, every song is different. Sun & Pain sounds like a fast rap over dance beats while Start Stop tells a story over wicked guitar riffs. He’s a one man show with a unique sound and a performance that is rare...


Chris has always been a singer songwriter. Recently things have changed a little; he's been performing with a laptop, guitar, vocals and midi foot controller. He's still writing songs but in a new way. He starts by recording track by track on the computer. Next, he'll compose the clips into scenes using Ableton Live which allows him to take his production to the live stage. The result, is a mix of styles and genes like rock, electronic dance, hip-hop and folk. To understand why his music sounds the way it does, you must understand where he came from.

Chris grew up in Halifax Nova Scotia and started writing songs at the age of 15, just one year after the album Twice Removed came out. At that time, chris was heavily influenced by bands like Sloan and Thresh Hermit. Chris joined his first band while in high school and was the lead singer. Not long after this he started playing with a new group called Billion Dollar Pop; a band that consisted of 4 guitar players. He was selected to play drums because he was the only one who could keep a beat.

Just around the millennium raves and electronic music hit the Halifax music scene like a giant wave. Naturally, Chris rode this wave for the next 10 years Djing at various venues in Halifax and Calgary.

In 2004 he picked up and moved to Alberta where he then got involved in producing music combining electronic beats with natural guitar riffs and vocals. A couple years later Chris started to play with a group called Sweatshop Romeos which was a two piece acoustic gig who played open mic's around town. Eventually, the group grew to four members and changed their name to Hummingbird Collective. Chris recorded and produced albums and demos for both bands. Now, the group has a new drummer and has changed their name once again to Wealth & Hellness. Chris is currently producing a Demo for this ensamble while honing his recording and production skills in the process.

Aside from building his recording studio and playing with Wealth & Hellness, Chris is busy working on his own material he calls The Solo Project. He has a wide variety of influences including Sloan, Massive Attack, Beck, Air, Tom Petty, Boards of Canada, Radiohead, Metric, Mason Jennings, Tragically Hip, Sam Roberts, The Strokes, DJ Shadow and Buck 65; to name a few.


The Solo Project
- Start Stop
- Sun & Pain
- Think About Things
- Right Here