Chris Halo

Chris Halo


Chris Halo's Visions of the Sea EP is a self produced portrait of Southern Cali how he sees it. Sun tinged vibes of the Orange County Beaches blended with LA's neo soul sound inspired by the likes of artists like Frank Ocean, Alex Isley, and Tgooch. Electro loops, Dub Bass, etc. Chill music, yo.


Chris Halo, born of musicians, grew up inspired by an eclectic background of jazz, classical, and pop music. Since high school he has played guitar professionally in everything from African Churches to Pimp Conventions. This year, he went on tour with "The Man In the Mirror" a high energy broadway styled production of Micheal Jackson's music and influence.

Amidst down time from performing, Chris recorded music reminiscent of the beloved California Coast. The result was Visions of the Sea.

Chris is currently recording his next record to be released Summer 2013.


Midnite Oil

Written By: Chris Halo

She'll always come to me
and ill be waiting
Bold little look in her eyes
that watch me waiting

Never does it come to mind
the open door it leaves behind
I'll need her love by my side
later on around midnight

Smooth as silk and cool as ice
I'm so faded
Cold as death and dark inside
Old and jaded

This area is reserved for love
Your arms and words
they feel so kind

Later on we'll open up
but i can't receive you
till the clock strikes midnight

I'm never out of reach
from this hold you've got on me
Sweet seductive melody
Watch the door unlock
around midnight

Ooh Hi

Written By: Chris Halo

I wanna know where ya goin

Go right ahead if you wanna close your eyes
Go right ahead if you wanna say goodbye
I love you so and that aint no lie
but when you leave me it just make me wanna cry

Girl, you complete me if i really must say
I felt divided when I found out today
the shuttle's coming for to take you away
I need your loving so i wanna know where ya goin


Chris Halo - Visions of the Sea EP (2012)

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