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Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States | INDIE

Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States | INDIE
Band R&B Pop


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"Chrishan Readies 'Real Talk,' Debut Album"

Singersroom Freshman Class honored singer/songwriter Chrishan says there will be no sugarcoating when his debut album arrives in stores.

"I'm not going to sugar coat anything for you. I'm going to talk about the fights. All the bad things people are afraid to talk about," Chrishan tells Singersroom.

Coming from a musically inclined family, that includes "S.E.X" and "Cops Up" singer Lyfe Jennings, Chrishan intends on keeping relationships and their ups and downs in his music.

"My music shows the realness of relationships."

For more on Chrishan visit his artist page right on -


20-year-old Chrishan Dotson is the kind of person that makes you seriously contemplate what the hell you’ve been doing for the first 21 years of your life. The Toledo native is barely of legal voting age, but it’s clear that he is already one of the more gifted singers and producers in his field. His new song, I Wish, is an ideal exhibition of his talents. On the mic, he sings in a rich falsetto. On the boards, he goes for the techno/R&B hybrid that’s been the craze lately, combining synth strings with panned drums that circle in a frenzy around his vocals. - Charlie E.,

"Sneak Peak Album Review of Night & Day by Chrishan"

One of my favorite things to do when going to social networking sites like MySpace or Facebook is to look for new artists and listen to their music. The reason I enjoy this is because I love good music and I always welcome an opportunity to become a fan of someone new. I don't mean a fan an in the sense of Facebook where you "become a fan" by clicking a button and then follow the artist's Twitter feed. No, I mean that I want to find someone new so that I can be exposed to his or her music and then purchase it and enjoy. This is not something that Facebook offers which is why I use Myspace and their Myspace Music to find new music.

This is how I first discovered Miley Cyrus and after hearing her song The Climb I was a fan. Myspace is also how I discover Chrishan who is essentially an 20-year-old RNB prodigy that has an amazing voice. According to his Myspace page Chrishan is nicknamed The Future because he shows an amazing amount of talent and his family was behind the launch of such careers as Lyfe Jennings and Jay Rush. According to the site his music influences include Usher, Babyface and Michael Jackson in addition to Stevie Wonder. The thing that caught my attention was he has tracks, which feature Lil Wayne and T.I. His style reminds me of a mix between Drake, R Kelly and Akon. This is a compliment to me and I am sure he will be very big in the future. He is much like Ne-yo but with a ghetto twist that most people love in other artists. This is the reason I pre ordered his album titled Day And Night via Amazon and decided to give it a listen on Youtube before it arrives in stores.

- Rich Jones, Associated Content


Chrishan's debut album "Night & Day" was released on December 22, 2009 in the US, UK & Japan. Charts position peaks include: #20 Canada R&B, #65 US R&B, #70 UK R&B. Sold via iTunes, Amazon (Digital & Physical), FYE (Physical), Best Buy and more.

Featured on MTV 11 times (The Real World, The Hills):
Featured on MTV's Taking The Stage Season 2:

Episode 1: "Don't Wanna Do This"

Episode 2: "Look At Me Now"

Episode 3: "Make U My Girl"

Episode 4: "Killing Me Slowly"

Later Episodes: "Gucci Swag", "Fever", "Run 2 Walk Away"

Featured MLB August Plays: "Gucci Swag"

The Hills/The City
"Run 2 Walk Away"

Featured Sportcenter/ESPN Highlights Month of August 09: "Gucci Swag"

Soundtrack: Black Miami Film Festival & MTV Films



Check out the new official video for Chrishan's new single "Somethin' Like It" now on! ->

Everyone has a story. But when 21-year-old Minneapolis, Minnesota-bred singer/songwriter/producer Chrishan breaks pen to paper you can tell, something is very different about him. There are no club anthems, no dance crazes, no songs about fancy lifestyles—just his gritty, unedited, uncut take on life, love, and relationships.

At age 14, Chrishan was a musical prodigy. He ran studio sessions while running for class president, performed at local venues til' early hours on school nights, meanwhile teaching himself how to play piano & guitar. At age 17, Chrishan's first single "2 Late 4 Us" went #1 on Amazon, selling 10,000+ units independently. After enrolling at Concordia University in January 2009, and breaking up with his girlfriend of 4 years Chrishan locked himself in his dorm room day after day, where he ended up writing & producing his debut album later entitled "Night & Day."

In July 2009 Chrishan released his first single off the album, "Bitch Look At Me Now," a uncanny story about his ex-girlfriend who had taken him for granted. The single became an international hit, gaining the attention of many label executives. He later went on to release his first mixtape "I Am: Chrishan The Prince," and the album "Night & Day" was released December 22, 2009.

Since the release of his album Chrishan has been on a climactic rise to fame, performing sold out shows across the country with the likes of Day 26, Young Jeezy, Soulja Boy & more. He has been currently writing & producing for several major artists including multiple sessions with Atlantic Records.

His new critically-acclaimed mixtape "Man Of The Year," hosted by DJ Ill Will & DJ Rockstar was released June 22nd. Sponsored by his mixtape became the #1 most viewed/downloaded mixtape of June, surpassing Gucci Mane and more with over 50,000 downloads.

Chrishan is currently preparing to release his sophmore CD entitled "Night & Day: Platinum." The lead single "Somethin' Like It" will be released worldwide to radio and digital retail December 7th with the official music video premiering on MTV, MTVU & BET.

To date Chrishan has a whopping 2500+ fan made videos via YouTube with a combined 30 Million views, over 15 Million myspace hits, and over 20,000 units sold independently since December 2009 (via Soundscan).

With a updated touring schedule that includes arenas like Minneapolis' Target Center and numerous prestigious colleges, Chrishan (currently a biology/pre-med major) is still determined on pursuing a college degree (which he claims is just so his mom will shut up).

"Sorry Mom!"


Chrishan's recent performances include shows with Soulja Boy, Day 26, Fat Joe, Young Jeezy, Trina & many more...