chris hardy

chris hardy


songs from the heart,everyday experiences,life is full of surprises


i am influenced by my friends who are musicians in a local band,kirk adams sung 30 days.he has been great,guitarist pete wells,and mike byers bass player have helped me along the way.


30 days

Written By: Chris Hardy

30 days and praying
waiting for that day
waiting for you to say
come back home to stay

you've been waiting for so long
for me to make amends
you and me were lovers
you and me were friends

30 days and hoping
that you've forgiven me-ee
waiting for you to call
30 days of praying say you love me so-oo

Repeat Chorus

30 days of praying you bring me joy,you make me blue
you light up my life
i'm only in love with you-oo


none as yet,have only been songwriting for 8 months,would be great to get recognised

Set List

i have written many songs,sung by my friends in a band in uk,dont do covers.