Chris Hatton

Chris Hatton


My music adhere's to no genre. It's Good Tunes played by Good Musicians. High Energy Stage Show filled with Italians.


Chris Hatton doesn’t believe in genres. In fact, he doesn’t even know what the word means. Whether going full on electric with his band, The Italian Sound Machine, or looping sleazy grooves as a solo acoustic act, Chris is a musical chameleon, drawing from a multitude of influences and bending styles to create one unique sound.

In October of 2011, Chris decided to focus completely on making music. He quit his cushy office job and moved into a house with a recording studio. There, he spent 7 months writing, recording, and producing his latest LP, titled The Beard Album, which was released in August 2012 on Analog Beard Records.

“My goal was to retain the original feeling that was the catalyst for each song”, says Hatton. “In order to capture that emotion, I recorded the songs as soon as possible after they were conceived. No click tracks or digital editing was done to any of the album.”

Tracks like Medicine truly embody the organic vibe of the Beard Album recording sessions. “The drum track was recorded in one take by Tommy Rich, who had only listened to the song once” explains Hatton.

Hatton describes the song Automatic as a stream of conscious tune, written in real time. This track is one of several on the album to feature horns, played by Italian Sound Machine member Bettyjeane Quimby. “Her saxophone added a really beautiful filthiness to the album.”

Prior to The Beard Album, there has never been a shortage of music in Chris’s life. Working with various bands over the last decade, Chris has released nearly an album a year including, but not limited to: The Lament of The Betrayed Chosen, My New EP, and N’them.

Current solo shows showcase Chris acting as a one man band, by utilizing a technique known as looping. On stage by himself, he blends and combines sounds and textures, harmonies and backgrounds to grow songs before your eyes. Each handclap, guitar tap, beatbox, shaker, and guitar riff combine to add layers of music to both originals and covers.

Chris Hatton currently makes his living as a musician. He will continue, indefinitely, to fulfill his cosmic obligation of performing and recording music.


The Beard Album 2012
My New EP 2011
N' Them 2011

all released on Analog Beard Recordings.

Set List

Different set every night.