Chris Helme

Chris Helme


Versatile singer songwriter Chris Helme brings you folk blues accompanied by acoustic guitar. Former lead singer with the Seahorses Chris has built on his experiences of the Britpop days and his maturity is proven in his throaty voice and poetic words. You can not fail to be moved by this music.


Exciting young singer songwriter Chris Helme cut his teeth as lead singer with the legendary 'Seahorses' and is now hitting the road with his new songs.

Taking a ‘back to basics’ approach and recorded on his trusty, dusty old four-track tape recorder with just a Jack D for company, Chris has captured the spirit of his stunning live performances with a gritty honesty and passion rarely seen these days. ‘It’s a simple affair really, just vocals and guitar with perhaps a shimmer of strings or percussion’.

Chris was catapulted to stardom when his first band, the Seahorses saw their 1997 debut album 'Do it Yourself' (Geffen) reach number one. The album was followed by four successful singles, 'Love is the Law' (no. 2), 'Blinded by the Sun' (no. 7), ‘ Love Me and Leave Me’ (no.15) and ‘You Can Talk to Me’ (no.15). After 3 years of intensive touring, living the rock ‘n roll dream, playing major festivals and supporting rock giants such as The Rolling Stones, U2, Oasis and Beck, the Seahorses went their different ways.

Over the next few years Chris continued to write songs and perform as a solo artist. Then in 2002 he formed 'The Yards' with Seahorse's bassist Stuart Fletcher, they were joined by Chris Farrell (Guitar), Jon Hargreaves (Keyboards/Vocals) and John Miller (Drums). The Yards eponymous self titled debut album (on Snapper) received much critical acclaim and their second album ‘Sesquipedalianism’’, will be released by Industrial Erotica in 2008.

Chris’s voice has matured since the heady pop days of The Seahorses to become even more powerful and heartfelt. He writes songs that are beautifully ambiguous, yet charming and insightful. The lyrics respect the majesty of seventies troubadours such as Townes Van Zant, Neil Young and Tim Buckley, but which are nevertheless framed within a 21st century realism. or or


Ashes, Chris Helme
The Yards, The Yards
Do it Yourself, The Seahorses
'Love is the Law' (no. 2)
'Blinded by the Sun' (no. 7)
‘ Love Me and Leave Me’ (no.15)
‘You Can Talk to Me’ (no.15).

Set List

Set is 45 mins to 1 hour and includes:
Melancholy Lullabies
Blinded by the Sun
Morning Sun
Cover of Marisa Nadler’s Yellow Lights
and the Soledad Brothers bluesy Lorali