Chris Ho

Chris Ho


Part recluse, part exhibitionist, Chris Ho creates a fresh dichotomy that inspires both upbeat and subdued songwriting, and challenges the traditional role of the folk singer-songwriter mechanic.


In his reclusive years, Chris Ho spent his time writing and recording at his home in Victoria, BC. Performing live on only the rarest occasions, Chris never hesitated to hand out his music to friends and strangers. He continued this pattern until a faithful fan base began to emerge with signed CDs and eager ears, forcing him out of a shell and onto a stage.

And so he did.

The traditionally introverted singer-songwriter began to grow an exhibitionist streak. Ho started making casual appearances around Victoria, performing around the University of Victoria campus and around Victoria’s Cadboro Bay, catching the ear of passers by.

“One time someone was walking by and they left me a note. It just said, ‘Your music made me stop and just enjoy the moment. It’s beautiful. Thank you.’ They didn’t say anything else, and walked away. I still have that note.”

For Ho, this was just the affirmation he needed to know that his music has a way of getting through to people. He had now established two sides to himself - the recluse and the exhibitionist. This new identity began to permeate his life and music, allowing him to challenge the traditional notion of the singer-songwriter mechanic.

The fresh dichotomy lead Ho through a new adaptive process, writing songs that are both subdued and hard-hitting, but also upbeat and danceable. This flexibility has given him the capacity to cater his live performances to the tone of a specific lineup, allowing him to share stages with bands of varying styles, including Hey Ocean!, Pickwick, and Aidan Knight.

Chris Ho released his first official EP, Answers in April 2011. This was followed by the release of his first music video for the track “Depending on the Day,” which received extensive airplay through CBC Music after he won a spot on "Tracks On Tracks" - a cross-Canada train tour sponsored by Green Couch Productions and CBC Radio 3.

Ho released the stand-alone single, “No Connection,” in April 2012 as precursor to his to-be released debut LP, City of Dust. The track introduces the album’s themes that relate to modernity and urban decay, establishing the thematic concern about societal and technological advancements which force us into situations where we are simultaneously more connected and alienated than ever before.

City of Dust was independently released on January 18, 2013, receiving attention from Canadian media outlets across the country. Shortly after, Chris won an award for "Island Songwriter of the Year" in the Vancouver Island Music Awards, and charted at #2 in CBC Radio 3's weekly Top Canadian Indie Tracks, after receiving regular rotation for "Story Of The Flood." To further support the successful release of the album, the young singer-songwriter embarked on his first Western Canadian Tour this spring.



Written By: Chris Ho

Love me girl, until the trees fall flat, until the vines crawl through the door,
When the rain is gone then our blood must feed all the flowers in the soil,
The air is full of the sparrows and flies that hide under the bridge,
And it’s nothing new, it’s just a part of you and everyone who lives
Under the moonlight.

I’m wondering where you are now dear, are you mad, or changed, or free? I tell everyone that I tried but lost to your spineless, scattered leaves,
And I’m hoping for an open door to tell me how to see, and I do what I do ’cause it’s a part of you and everyone who breaths under the moonlight.

And I could fight it but you’d still feel the truth hit,
‘Cause I was never good at hiding it.
And a troubled mind means a troubled heart don’t you know dear?
And trouble has a way of finding us.

They took out the roots and I looked at you, you saw the diamonds in the grass, and you said ‘life is here, doesn’t matter dear if its far, or near, or flat. And we alter it but it changes us, even though sometimes we don’t quite see that we’re moving around on this moving ground that changes like the sea under the red tide.’

And I could fight it but you’d still feel the truth hit,
‘Cause I was never good at hiding it.
And a troubled mind means a troubled heart, don’t you know my dear?
So trouble has a way of finding us.
Trouble has a way of finding us.

No Connection

Written By: Chris Ho

The winter scar, the stone walls receding with the rise and fall of your lungs as you’re dreaming of the way that she moves in and out of light so right. But it’s the drawn together life and the pressure of the movement that we’re muted by, so we’re searching for the words as if they’re fireflies, lighting up the road ahead.

Whoa, will we ever get out of this busy life with no clear direction?
Whoa, it just seems like we’re kind of out of it,
Busy little bees with no connection.

There’s a sign ahead, it tells us not to move so we just stay in bed, humming all the tunes that seem to say it best, “there is nothing here but now.” But it’s the way your lips are dropping out the words before you think of it, makes me see the beauty in not knowing if the fog will turn its back on us.

Whoa, will we ever get out of this busy life with no clear direction?
Whoa, it just seems like we’re kind of out of it,
Busy little bees with no connection.

Will we, will we ever get past this?


1. City Of Dust [LP] - (Streamed via CBC Radio 3 one week before its release; Third track "Story Of The Flood" put on rotation on CBC Radio 3, reached #2 on Top 30; Title track charted on CJSW; Interviewed by CTV Victoria, followed by airplay through CFAX 1070)
2. No Connection [Single] - (Airplay through CBC Radio 1 & 3)
3. Answers [EP] - (Released April 2011)