Chris Hughlett Band

Chris Hughlett Band


The Chris Hughlett Band's first album is a collection of classic/contemporary rock songs conceived on piano and written by Chris Hughlett


The band was conceived when I went to recording engineer, producer and family friend, Mark Nixdorf with a collection of original songs ready to be recorded. Upon laying the foundation for our first album we decided to form a band of professional musicians that would want to take the act on the road. I laid down the original piano tracks along with all lead and background vocals. Mark, also an incredible bass guitarist, added some amazing lines for each track and just like that a song was born. After a few months of diligent engineering, producing, arranging and crafting from Mark, we would now be ready to add the meat and potatoes. Before long, Ed Cusati, colleague of mine from Vanderbilt University, and Keith Nixdorf, who had been playing and recording with Mark for years, would join us to round out the guitar section and lay down the guts and soul to these songs . And to put the icing on the cake, we were graciously blessed with the one and only drummer, Steve Holley, who is currently playing with Ian Hunter and who has played with the likes of Paul McCartney and Wings and Elton John. We thought Steve would fit our sound since he has much experience playing with piano-written and piano-driven music. We have all been heavily influenced by European and classic rock through the years but aren't afraid to embrace our American and folk roots.


1. Confined
2. Eternal Need
3. Delancey Street
4. Contact High
5. Green Grass
6. Saving Grace
7. Price For Freedom
8. Partiality