Chris Jones

Chris Jones


Energetic slices of suburban London life captured in spiky pop gems.


Born in Billy Bragg's hometown of Barking, Chris Jones has certainly inherited his knack for writing witty and uplifting pop nuggets. Snapshots of an existence caught between the rush of inner-city London and suburbia - a conflict reflected in the frustrated-yet-aspirational lyrics and its mixed bag of influences. While Chris' recorded music (all self-played and self-produced in his Barkingside home) is an eclectic affair, reigning in The Libertines' Arcadian romanticism, Arctic Monkeys' social commentary, with elements of Radiohead-like electronica in - his solo acoustic shows are a tour-de-force; stripping the songs down to their bare bones to reveal a rarely heard intensity.


Capitulation Stations
Consider it Confronted
All Change

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Set List

Capitulation Stations
The Glow of Venus
Bow Belle
B-Side The Point
All Change
Approx. 30 minutes.
Covers featuring songs by:

Billy Bragg
The Libertines
The Clash