Chris Kasper

Chris Kasper

 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Great buzz in Philly about Chris Kasper. In 2014 he toured with Amos Lee, The Wood Brothers, G. Love. New Record BAGABONES is available now.


"Chris Kasper knocks me out with the quality of his themes, his lyrics and memorable melodies. Chris is a heavy hitter and his new album is proves it." -Gene Shay / WXPN, Philadelphia

"Kasper’s Chasing Another Sundown is such a beautiful varied collection of songs, it’s almost impossible to describe them. They stylistically clip everything from ballad and bluegrass to crooning and folk, yet there is an idyllic sense of purity to each. Perfectly produced and as clear as a placid lake or crisp autumn morning, perhaps it shouldn’t come as a surprise that his simplicity still warranted him a contest win with Ragged. “I’m really serious about making good music, and I don’t get too wrapped up in my image or contests or huge web presence,” Kasper says. “The music is all I really focus on. I keep things simple in terms of style, but go way deep when I’m writing and recording. I don’t care about much else. I don’t pursue any certain style of music either; I try to be as open to my abilities as I can be and let things come through.” Though the formula appears fairly straightforward, the results are simply gorgeous."
-Kendah El-Ali, Ragged Magazine (Filter Presents)

Kasper is a songwriter's songwriter, an artist who won devoted fans and awards seemingly from the moment he released his first record, a demo recorded in a friend's living room in 2002. Kasper soon relocated to Philadelphia, where he has built a devoted following not only of music lovers, but of his fellow songwriters and musicians. Kasper maintains that his peers remain his most important audience, and they often can be found singing every word along with him at his shows, even on songs that have never been released.

released in 2006, earned more fans and gushing reviews, mixing "warm, graceful melodies" (The Intelligencer) with an energy rarely achieved in an acoustic setting. "Not everyone can take an acoustic guitar and make it groove like a full band," one reviewer observed, but Kasper "delivers astounding results" (Performing Songwriter).

Kasper further expanded his audience with his folks-bluegrass band The Lowlands, whose full-length "Bark & Twine" made a sensational debut at the 2007 Philadelphia Folk Festival, further establishing Kasper as a songwriter of rare depth and intensity.

"Chasing Another Sundown" (2009) is Kasper's first fully produced studio recording, expanding on the "signature dreamy acoustic sound" (PLAY Magazine) heard on "FlyingBoy", while featuring the artist's gift for haunting phrases and refrains. "It's ambient and water-like in that it surrounds you," Kasper says. "It's got a real country vibe as well as a real folk vibe, but with more modern elements than you expect."

Chris has independently toured the US and Europe and has joined Amos Lee and Joe Jackson on the road. Other bills have included, G. Love, The Avett Brothers, Langhorne Slim, Peter Rowan and Tony Rice, David Bromberg, The Radiators, Ryan Montbleau, Mutlu, Ben Arnold and many more...


Old Piano

Written By: Chris Kasper

Side by side on the foothills of town
I pick the vine for 10 cents a pound
and the end of the day, I'm beat to the bone
take me back home when you go

Winter comes quick in Ontario
when the harvest is weak, the money comes slow
and the rivers freeze, the rain turns to snow
take me back home when you go

Take me back home to that Old Piano
I know a song and we all can sing
when the the nights are warm and the stars hang low
Take me back home when you go

A stamp on a postcard, a call on the line
to sweet West Virginia, where my family is fine
they're the love that I need, the love that I know
take me back home when you go!


I sleep in the brush, I eat off the fire
working the graveyard, one day I'll retire
and at the end of my days I'll reap what i sow
Take me back home when you go.


Chasing Another Sundown (2009)
FlyingBoy (2006)

Set List

Up to 2-3 hours of original music. Songs Galore.