Chris Keegan

Chris Keegan

 Nashville, Tennessee, USA

These are songs about life and love from a young man with a refreshing ability to connect with any listener. Accessible songwriting that appeals to familiarity, but is entirely different from anything else around.


Singer/songwriter Chris Keegan delivers five brand new songs with the release of his Pinehurst EP. Louisiana born-and-bred, off to NYC and now in Nashville, Keegan has spent the majority of the last few years honing his writing skills and recording the parts that would eventually form songs such as "My Life", "Love is War", and the title-track "Pinehurst". For fans of Matt Pond PA, Death Cab For Cutie and Coldplay.


"Pinehurst" (2009 - EP)
"Don't Wake Me Up" (2006 - LP)
"5 Songs" (2001 - EP)

Set List

The set varies from show to show.
On the most recent tour, set lists were not even written. A "fly by the seat of your pants" attitude was adopted.
Generally, a set is 45 minutes. However, there is enough material for about 90-100 minutes.