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That Face

Written By: Chris Kehoe

That Face ©2007 Chris Kehoe

The very first time I had seen
that face on my computer screen
was a moment after I logged on
to "Find Your True Love" dot com
And when I did
I blasted off
into outer space
with just one look at That Face

That Face! That Face!
That Beautiful Face!
There ain't another one like it
in the whole human race
Her eyes, her nose, her lips, her chin
they all win
first place
look 'a' that face

I wrote a note to that pretty blonde
in hopes that she would soon respond
I write one to her everyday
does she write back?
No Way!
I guess she's playing hard to get
and I'm supposed to chase
after that
Beautiful Face

That Face! That Face!
That Beautiful Face!
'Wanna wrap my arms around her
in a loving embrace
and pucker up my lips and
get to first base
with that
Beautiful Face

Now, all my friends are telling me
"this girl is just a fantasy"
But here's her picture
can't you see?
She's as real as you or me
We haven't met each other yet
but when we do man,
you can bet
the moon will sing
the stars will shine
and I'll be hers
and she'll be mine!

Now faces come and faces go
and it's been about a month or so
I haven't a single word
from her
but I am undeterred
She prob'ly wants to meet me
at the proper time and place
with a smile on her
beautiful face.

That Face! That Face!
That Beautiful Face!
My friends say I'm pathetic
They think I'm a disgrace
They tell me to
forget about it
but my mind could NOT erase
such a
Beautiful Face

That Face! That Face!
That Beautiful Face!
I know she's out there somewhere
but so far there's no trace
It's making me half crazy
I'm a basket case
all because of that beautful
That Lovely, Beautiful
That Beautiful Face!

Big Ole Honkin' Cadillac

Written By: Chris Kehoe

Big Ole Honkin' Cadillac
© 2006 Chris Kehoe

Big Ole Honkin' Cadillac
Movin' on down the road
Horns on the hood, fins in the back
An' the whole thing painted gold

Great big heavy American car
suckin' down the gasoiline
Takes a tank as big as a reservoir
to quench this thirsty machine

The man behind the wheel of the automobile
had to pay a little money
but he got a good deal
an' he's a crazy driver with nerves of steel
an' as he banks around a corner
you can hear them tires squeal on that

Big ole Honkin' Cadillac
zippin' on down the street
motor purrin' like a kitty cat
an' the ride is pretty sweet

Five star luxury vehicle
south bound on 95
48 hundred pounds of steel
nothin' in it's way gone'survive

Commander of the road, he's the highway king
blowin' the doors offa evva-thing
A V1 rocket that is all suped up
the cops'll pull'em over but first
they gotta catch up to that

Big Ole Honkin' Cadillac
flyin' down the interstate
gets about a mile to a gallon'o'gas
'cause it's oversized and overweight

Super colossal automobile
haulin' a heavy load
with a super colossal fat guy behind the wheel
who looks like he's 'bout t' explode

A cigar chompin' mutha that is big an' fat
wearin' Elvis glasses an'a cowboy hat
some patent leather shoes an'a polyester shirt
with a tattoo on his arm 'says
eat my dirt

Big Ole Honkin' Cadillac
Y'know that fat man's got a girl
an' if you saw her man you'd have a heart attack
she's the prettiest thing in the world!

A bouffant blonde sittin' in the front seat
with the painted nails on her fingers and feet
a push up bra an' curvaceous hips an' a
cigarette hangin' from between her lips

They drive all day an' they drive all night
'see them together it's a comical sight
but they go together like a hand-in-glove
an' they keep on drivin'
cause they're totally in love with that
Big ole Honkin' Cadillac

Leave Me Alone

Written By: Chris Kehoe

Leave Me Alone
©2007Chris Kehoe

By the end of the day I'm worn out, cranky and tired.
I got no energy left
I feel beat and bereft
and my sunny disposition is all but expired
I don't wanna sound nasty
or appear unkind
but I need about an hour or two to unwind
and I want to be by myself
so just leave me alone

I got too many people and things that are causing me stress
I got gamblin' debt
and I'm in a cold sweat
and now I'm being hassled by the IRS
Well don't these people know
you can't get blood from a stone?
It's not like I'm sitting here drinkin' Dom Perignon
Y'wanna take all I own, go ahead
just leave me alone

Can't a man have a little peace of mind in his own home?
Without the Repo Man banging on his front door
and Bill Collectors callin' on the telephone
Well it's a goddamn shame I gotta work all day
I don't make any money
I just pay, pay, pay
An' I wish y'all just go away
and leave me alone

Is it a crime for a man in his prime
to want somethin' for himself?
I'm not askin for a lot
I just wanna keep what I got
and I don't wanna share it with nobody else
So do me a favor
I'd like to call it a day
I got nothin' left to give
ain't got no mo' to say
So go on, get lost, go away!
And leave me alone

I wanna be by myself
so just
leave me alone

I wanna be by myself
so just leave me alone!