Chris Kelly

Chris Kelly

 Victoria, British Columbia, CAN

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She's Not In Love With You

Written By: Chris Kelly

I pride myself at being good with time
But the hands on this clock are't working out so kind
I should have stayed at home
But I have this fear of being alone
I find myself growing more tired each day
That's because I don't sleep when I'm away
Yes it's tragic but it's true
If I sleep I don't see you

She is not in love with you
She is not in love with you
She's not done what you wanted her to do
She is not in love with you

Verse 2
So look me up when you come of age
By then we'll both be on a different page
We can sit alone and read our books
And get by on our good looks
That sounds poetic must have been something I read
Or something inspried by your beautiful head
I'm gonna love you till your old
But for now that's been put on hold


So taje a break from all you know
Go far away form all this snow
Here are you bags, it's time to pack
She'll be there when you get back
If she'll have you back

So I am going to take this plane as far as it soars
Now that I know that I once was yours
I must be moving on
But I am never gone