Chris Komus

Chris Komus


From deep cinematic and orchestral dub to the psychedelic sounds to dark melancholic progressive, Chris Komus strives for eclecticism in his music, drawing from every inspiration to create music for every mood. A fave in the Winnipeg electronic music scene, where he has pushed his sound for years.


Churning out music for over a decade, Chris Komus is a multi-talented and eclectic electronic music producer from Winnipeg, Canada. Focusing on producing progressive psy/house/tech house/and minimal sounds as Chris Komus, the full-on sounds under Lo Progression with a release on Sundance Records, and now a dubstep project under the name Dink Bridge with an upcoming album release; his sound is versatile, eclectic, and always evolving. Having experimented with various other genres of music prior to psytrance, Chris Komus borrows from a variety of genres and infuses it into dance-floor heavy, epic, and loud rockin’ psychedelic music to melodic, groovy, techy and progressive sounds of progressive house and progressive psy, and symphonic cinimeatic and dark dubstep.

With a busy schedule of gigs on the Canadian prairies, both as a Live PA act and also as a DJ act, Chris Komus is known as one of the key players in bringing psytrance and dubstep to Winnipeg. For the 2010 festival curcuit, He’s booked for Motion Notion 2010. He has opened for Infected Mushroom (Sept ‘07 and Mar ‘06), Hallucinogen (June ‘07), Nuclear Ramjet (Feb ‘08), and played at Connect Festival in Saskatchewan (Aug ‘07 & ‘08), and opened for minimal tech acts such as Ryan Elliot (Dec ‘07) and Maetrik (Apr ‘08) as well as dubstep acts Excision, Datsik, Vaski, and Ill.Gates in 2009.

Chris Komus is also involved in pushing the psychedelic and dubstep sounds as co-promoter and resident DJ of Winnipeg Psychedelic Productions, the premier crew in Winnipeg currently promoting psychedelic trance and dubstep. More info, mixes, upcoming shows, and tracks, start here:


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Upcoming album "Abominable Staircase" to be released in 2010. Details pending.