Chris Lawson Jones

Chris Lawson Jones


Chris Lawson Jones blends distinct British songwriting with the Americana influences he grew up on. Having started his own label, he headed Stateside to work with a host of session legends to produce his debut album and is now promoting it back in London.


What happens when a British singer-songwriter takes matters into his own hands and heads to Nashville and Los Angeles to make his first record? 2008 saw the independent release of Chris Lawson Jones' debut LP, Carolina. Having spent his musical apprenticeship in and around London guitar bands, when he came to make his own record he set up his own label, scratched the musical itch created by his upbringing on bluegrass, alt-country and all things Americana and headed Stateside. Collaborating with musicians such as Aaron Embry (Elliot Smith and Daniel Lanois) and Phil Madeira (Emmylou Harris, Elvis Costello and Alison Krauss) his British song writing was lent a distinctly Southern edge and the outcome has already drawn comparisons with Ryan Adams and Teddy Thompson. Carolina is the first release for Jones' Big Label Records and is available worldwide on iTunes and on CD through Rough Trade, both on their website and at their famous store in Notting Hill, London.


Bitter & Sweet

Written By: Chris Lawson Jones

Don’t need your love,
don’t need your sympathy.
Just need some blood,
running through me.

The bitter and the sweet go hand in hand,
time on the rock and time in the sand.
Life worth living don’t go as planned,
when the bitter and the sweet go hand in hand.

Don’t need your faith,
don’t need your energy.
Just need some face,
shining down on me.

And the silence, speaks its own reward,
and the pain felt, helps to move us forward,
the aloneness only will ensure,
you’re complete my love.


Carolina, LP, 2008

Set List

Peace, Island, Don't Need A Rescue, Guardian, Bitter & Sweet, Glass Hearts, Sunlight, Carolina.