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"Debuting In Style"

Having a strong supporting cast allowed Lay's solo work to reach new heights. His nine tunes run the gamut of neo-soul and jazz-pop. Each track has its own pleasant cadence, whether somber and reflective like "Impact" and "More Than Just At Night," or playful like "Screen Door" and "Fine Place." -Ossie Bladine for News Register - News Register

"Chris Lay Goes Solo"

The music he creates is rooted in self-expression. He incorporates the soulful runs of jazz with pop chorus lines and indie aftertastes. It’s comforting to listen to, as there is an instantaneous sense of intimacy that engulfs his entire collection, while each song maintains it’s own identity.

Really, it’s the sense of truthfulness that is most intoxicating in his tunes. For some reason completely beyond rationality, Lay creates a close friendship with his listeners through his music, allowing them to immediately trust him. -Stephanie Sasse for PSU Vanguard - PSU Vanguard

"Oregon Music News Staff Pick"

Friday, June 7
The Secret Society
Having made a name for himself as a drummer and arranger in various projects around Portland, Chris Lay is stepping up to the mic to promote his debut album, Point Her To The Sun. The music he creates is rooted in self-expression, and as a songwriter he incorporates the soulful runs of jazz with pop chorus lines and indie aftertastes. With opening sets by Ian James and Tim Snider, this is sure to be an eclectic and memorable night of music.
9pm, $9 advance/$12 dos, 21+
- Kevin T. - Oregon Music News


Point Her To The Sun



Chris Lay’s love for such a variety of genres leads to a writing process that often borders on identity crisis. The result, though, is a sound that borrows from each; a window into his world and the way he experiences those styles. Like a lover of food who finds inspiration in the local and the exotic, his sound is a product of both wide influences and the musicians around him. That sound is based in pop, raised on jazz, rooted in folk, and a student of soul.

Born to musical parents, Pat and Frosty, in Eugene, Oregon, Chris’ exposure to music began early. His mom, a singer, pianist, stage actress, and elementary music teacher; his dad, a trumpet player and band director, Lay found himself in the front row of many a different performance. Musicals, Symphony concerts, and Jazz Festivals permeated his early years. His parents noticed in him a love for the drums, as his eyes rarely strayed from that part of the stage, and they cultivated his interest with a child-sized drumset and lessons.

But they noticed something else: he had an ear for music. Chris would constantly wander to a nearby piano or guitar and start finding melodies he had picked up, until eventually he was finding his own melodies. This curiosity only got stronger as time passed and as life handed him experiences and taught him lessons. Melodies became verses and choruses, and poetry and personal musings became lyrics. On his long-awaited debut album, “Point Her to the Sun,” Chris offers up a collection of those musings, describing the familiar, pondering the indescribable, and sharing his own humble wisdom through organic instrumentation and plain honesty.

Drums remain a large part of Lay’s career. Chris got his degree in Jazz Studies, and, having made a name for himself as a drummer and arranger in such projects as Tim Snider & Sound Society, Ken DeRouchie Band, The Sale, Max Ribner Band, and Mother Bunch, he has proven his versatility and musicality in a wide range of styles. He can’t help letting his experience with all those styles influence the music he creates under his own name, and that is where the excitement lies.