Chris Mancini

Chris Mancini


High energy, good humor, and raucous singing-along characterize Chris' performances. Original songs about food, drink, the sea (and occasionally love) keep the audience delighted for set after set peppered with creative covers of 50s classics, folk standards and Kelly Clarkson.


Chris Mancini has been strongly influenced by his journeys and the high (and low) seas. The centerpiece of many of his recent performances, "Pirate Song" is inspired by his most recent journey aboard the Continental Sloop Providence to the island of St. Vincent where he was a deckhand and eventually an extra in "Pirates of the Caribbean 2" (look for him around minute 46 on the DVD). The trip afforded much more inspiration from sailing through a blizzard, smashing ice off the deck and lines with a tiny souvenir baseball bat to waking up covered in approximately 210 mosquito bites his first night in the Caribbean.

Another strong influence is his stomach, and food tunes account for a good portion of the repertoire (chili, butternut squash, and porkchops and applesauce to name a few).

Born and raised in Western New York, Chris is now a very happy New Englander, performing frequently throughout the greater Boston area at the Abbey Lounge, the Middle East, Somerville Community Growing Center and the Somerville Museum, to name a few.

His past training and bachelor's degree in drama partly explain his magnetic and entrancing performances, but his more recent academic forays into urban and environmental policy and planning account for his texture and complexity.

When he's not entertaining the local populations with verve and wit, he can be found tapping neighborhood trees for maple sap (for makin' syrup!) or writing a masters thesis on salmon farming in Maine.

Set List

Sets can range from 10 minutes to an hour and a half. I'm very versatile.

The Recent Originals:
Pirate Song, You Tell Me To Call, 8 13 3, Simile Song, At Least I'm Not Crying, A Mariner's Mixed-Up Metaphor, Groundhog Slurry Drinking Song, Maryland, Cotton Candy Girl, Chili, Squash, Porkchops and Applesauce, Potluck Train, Train Song, Technicolor Boyfriend (sung by brother/sister band Pretty Good Looking), Bioluminesce with Me, and many more.

Lollipop, The Mermaid (Great Big Sea), Since U Been Gone (Kelly Clarkson), Wagon Wheel (Old Crow Medicine Show), Tell It To Me, I Drink Beer (Dan Reeder), Blue Moon of Kentucky (Bill Monroe), The Ballad of Throat Culture (Phoebe Kreutz) among others.