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I just did a session with Chris Mara it was fun , professional , creative, fun and the finished product was amazing. I drove 4 hours for this and will do it again. I'm a singer/songwriter and Chris always gets me the best players always, no bullshit. With Chris it's about the music and who you really are. Email me with any questions. -Lisa Williams (Atlanta, GA)
- Lisa Williams


Chris you are one of the coolest dudes I've ever met and/or worked with... And our CD KILLS!! Thanks so much man, Peace-Aaron, Guitarist for Red Veda (Minneapolis, MN) - Red Veda (Minneapolis, MN)


Chris......hmmm...doin lines off hookers asses, clamshellin, highlife, pepperoni on the bathroom floor, badass vinyl, nashville pussy, shit pantsed, wish you had cool sideburns, 15 year old 30 year old, button pushing, eats like a fuckin elephant, moutin climbin shoe wearin, to cool for montly crue....son of a bitch what what to who.....huh? thanks alot man we had alot of fun this weekend and are diggin the roughs...... Mara is rock n roll.........we got love for you! -Mike w/Madrid (Pensacola, FL) - Madrid (Pensacola, FL)


You gave our CD a professional polished sound that has received positive feedback throughout the industry. Thank you for your work and artistic contribution to our project. I look forward to future projects and of course, referring musicians your direction. I could write a novel but I'll stop at: Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. Sincerely, Thomas Krenzel Doggett-Two Turntables and a Saxophone (Cincinnati, OH) - Thomas Doggett (Cincinnati, OH)


We just recorded our debut album with Chris as our engineer and co-producer. If you are a band looking for a great and postitive studio experience along with a VERY PROFESSIONAL product. CHRIS MARA is the @#%$! man for the job!!!! Please feel free to email me for any kind of reference or to hear our cd for an example of his work.- Ney Gore; P. Jones (Nashville, TN) - P. Jones (Nashville, TN)


Chris is an excellent engineer who captured our sound perfectly. We hope to get a chance to work with him again, and would recommend him to any other band. But watch were that finger goes!- Vintage Stone (Dutton, AL) - Vintage Stone (Dutton, AL)


I've been working with Chris for ten years. I've worked with him on multiple full album projects, and tons of one-off stuff. He's got great ears, and is very hip to the importance of 'vibe' in the studio. I would recommend Chris to any artist at any level that wants a quality, professional recording.-Dan Adams (Nashville, TN) - Dan Adams (Nashville, TN)


He rocks...He rolls...He does the "Tighten Up" badly ;) And if that's not enough for ya, Chris brings a true sense of professionalism to the session. With a great ear for well, everything, a dedicated work ethic, and that killer "touch" you look for and just can't seem to find, he provides a studio experience to be reckoned with. Ladies and gentlemen, search no further...Chris Mara is the man!- Consumption (Ocean Springs, MS) - Consumption (Ocean Springs, MS)


Good shit. Even the day after you get done with Chris he still looks good...wait, I've said too much. Oh well, we can't get any ladies in the studio...and were paying him we might as well take full advantage of him. I mean FULL advantage. In every way. Thanks you so much for everything Chris! I felt stronger and just a better person all around because of your MARAthon!-M T Letsinger w/Xerus (Minneapolis, MN) - Xerus (Minneapolis, MN)


Chris Mara is a true professional who is accessible to bands who don't have unlimited funds but who want to get the maximum value for their dollar. Recording rock music is the burning fire in Chris's soul, and he gives all of his clients his full attention and works with them to turn out the best product they possibly can. Highly recommended.- Jerry Work; Gear Driven/Founder of (Nashville, TN) - Gear Driven (Nashville, TN)


For a complete client list- visit my website at

Rochelle Bartram (Indianapolis, IN)-rec/od
Celerity (Savannah, GA)-rec/od
Xerus (Minneapolis, MN)-rec/mixed/produced
Onus (Pensacola, FL) rec/od/mixed
Gin Blossoms -rec/od
Stereoscope (Minneapolis, MN)-mixed
Shimmy (Minneapolis, MN)-mixed/mastered
Cordova's Wake (Albany, GA)-rec/od/mix
Melissa Anderson (Nashville, TN)-rec/od/mix
J. Paul Brittian (Nashville, TN)-mix
Ronnie Milsap- rec
Colour Music (Minneapolis, MN)-mastered
Lampwick (Tulsa, OK)-mastered
Toni Catlin (Nashville, TN)-mixed
Nancy Terzain (Nashville, TN)-mixed
Madrid (Pensacola, FL)-rec/od/mix
Doc Watson- rec
Complex Mold (Cleveland, OH)-rec/od
Project Jones (Nashville, TN)-rec/od/mix
Paper St. (Erie, PA)-rec/od/mix/produced
Consumption (Ocean Springs, MS)-rec/od/mix/prod.
Vintage Stone (Dutton, AL)-rec/od/mix
Juvenile- vox od's
Lisa Williams (Baltimore, MD)-rec/od/mix
Tommy Wiggins (Cleveland, OH)-rec/od
Dan Adams Band (Nashville, TN)-rec/od/mix
Thomas Doggett (Cincinnati,OH)-mastered
Hits Like A Girl (Muscle Shoals,AL)-rec/od/mix
Triple 40 (Nashville, TN)-rec/produced
The Relief Effort (Nashville, TN)-mix/mastered
Cornbread (Atlanta, GA)-rec/od/mix
Chris James (Nashville, TN)-rec/od/mix
Downtrodn (Columbus, OH)-rec/mastered
Aaron Mahoney (Louisville, KY)-mastered
Moxie Bliss (Minneapolis, MN)-mastered
Reason (Atlanta, GA)-rec/od/mix
Jon Sunde (Minneapolis, MN)-rec/od/mix
Richard Kitchens (Hamilton, AL)-mix/mastered
Few Short Days (Indianapolis, IN)-rec/od/mix
Lucid Grey (Lexington, KY)-mastered
The Joshuas (Nashville, TN)-rec/od/mix/produced
Horizontal Orange (Nashville, TN)-rec/od/mix
Adrenaline Rocket (Cleveland, OH)-mixed
Infinity's End (Chicago, IL)-mastered
Gear Driven (Nashville, TN)-rec/od/mix
King Thursday (Mobile, AL)-mix/mastered
Random Hero (Nashville, TN)-rec/od/mix



My name is Chris Mara- I record and/or produce independent artists for a living, and have been lucky enough to call it my career for the past 11 years. I am totally freelance, so I work in a variety of studios depending upon the artists needs and budget. I am based out of Nashville, TN. and work with artists from all over the country, and I work all over the country as well.

Gone are the days of independent artists trying to find the right engineer/producer who owns the right studio in a city near them. I align myself with your goals and needs, and present several options for you to discuss in order for you to make an informed decision about your recording plans. I offer budget saving concepts like recording basic tracks at bigger, better equipped studios, and doing vocal and guitar overdubs at smaller, more efficient studios. Plus, I also help the budget ouy by providing 2" analog tape (yum!) and hotel rooms for out-of-state artists. I have great relationships with studio owners from all over the country and am offered better-than-average rates at all of them, which means you can save money.

I also strive to help artists once we've finished recording by helping them get discounts on mastering, artwork and duplication. I also have relationships with college radio promoters, PR firms and reviewers to help get your music to the masses.

Being an independent artist is tough, and so is making a record that will get you some attention, especially with limited resources. Let me help by lending my years of experience (minus all the attitude) to help bring the best out of you as an artist without breaking the bank.