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Chris Marshall

Portland, Oregon, United States | INDIE

Portland, Oregon, United States | INDIE
Band Country Rock


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"OREGONIAN SHOW REVIEW - Tift Merritt Opening Slot"

Warming up the cozy crowd was Chris Marshall, self-described as a guy who "lives down the street, writes songs, then sings 'em." But they happen to be very good songs, and he's an engaging local performer who deserves the attentive audience he had Monday evening. - The Oregonian

""...a sweet-voiced local country boy with some righteous gospel in his blood.""

"...a sweet-voiced local country boy with some righteous gospel in his blood."

- Portland Monthly - Portland Monthly

""A lovely and finely affecting little jewel...""

"This five song EP CD serves up a pleasing quintet of gently lulling and harmonic country tunes. Chris Marshall’s soothing voice hits the pleasantly reassuring spot while his songwriting is nicely mature and thoughtful. The tuneful arrangements keep the steady, yet subdued beats and gradual tempos ebbing along at a relaxed clip. Moreover, the music has a haunting doleful quality to it which adds to its considerable poignancy. A lovely and finely affecting little jewel."

- Joe Wawyzniak, Jersey Beat - Jersey Beat

""...a strong collection from a songwriter I want to hear more of.""

"'STARTING OUT' is a strong collection from a songwriter I definitely want to hear more of."

Handsome Don, Dagger Zine - Dagger Zine

""..wonderfully inspirational.""

"'Starting Out' is a small gem of a record, unique, Oregon to the core, and I look forward to whatever Marshall comes up with next."

Matt Love, Nestucca Spit Press - Nestucca Spit Press

""Starting Out should be the beginning of big things...""

Chris Marshall - Starting Out [EP]
2009, Oh My Soul Music

Philosopher, teacher, singer/songwriter... the twine that separates these careers is thinner than you might imagine. To prove the point, Chris Marshall bridges all three and then some. The Portland, Oregon native was born on 8/8/1981 at 8:18 AM weighing 8 lbs., 8oz., and seems to have strode something of a serendipitous path ever since. Marshall discovered his mom's acoustic guitar as a teenager and never looked back, devouring genres like Punk, Hardcore and Emo as well the classic Country and Gospel of Willie Nelson and Johnny Cash. Marshall further developed his skills playing in his father's church (and continues to serve as a church music director to this day). Marshall has two prior EPs under his belt, mixing originals with gospel tunes, but his latest release, Starting Out [EP], is five original tunes without overt spiritual ruminations. Marshall remains deeply philosophical nevertheless, searching for the meaning of life in song as influences such as Soren Kierkegaard, C.S. Lewis and Walt Whitman color and shade his lyrical style.

Starting Out opens with Atlanta, a song inspired by a road trip Marshall took with his brother from Nashville to see the Atlanta Braves play. It's a gorgeously layered country tune, full of mournful pedal steel and a hopeful exuberance about the possibilities that lay ahead. Starting Out is a song about finding out who you are and what your purpose is. It's highly introspective and yet has a universal quality that should ring true with many listeners. The country arrangement here is a perfect fit, and some of the turns of phrase ("it's my soul's morning now") are superb. By The Wayside, a song written about a friend's drug addiction, is full of compassion and sorrow and plays simultaneously like an expression of concern and hope as well as a memorial for the way things were. Wait There is fairly self-explanatory, and drags a bit compared to the rest of the material on Starting Out but is a decent song. I Found You, on the other hand, is a sublime entry on any mix-tape list. Written in the vein of classic country love songs of the 1960's, Starting Out has a universal quality that would play well even on the jaded venue of modern Country Radio.

Chris Marshall brings an intelligent and warm approach to writing Country Music that is a hallmark of its history but too little emphasized today. Starting Out isn't his debut recording, but it's a coming out of sorts for an artist with the potential to not only be popular but also lasting and significant. The philosophical bent of his writing may escape some, but the principles on which his writing is based are universal. Love, hope, struggle and learning (including pain and sorrow) are the currency in which Marshall trades, all with the purpose of understanding the world around him. His questions are ones we all ask, and his songs are gentle comfort to those who continue to seek and struggle from day-to-day. Starting Out should be the beginning of big things.

Rating: 4 Stars (Out of 5) - Wildy's World


"August Light" - Debut full-length (Release Date: April 26th, 2011)

"Starting Out" - EP (2009)

"Compelled" - EP (2009)

"Oh My Soul" - Demo Compilation (2008)



"CHRIS MARSHALL has been called 'a sweet-voiced local country boy with some righteous gospel in his blood,' by the Portland Monthly, and he proves to hold that definition true. His songs are full of profound reflection, lyrics of redemption and love finding light in music that rings of authentic Americana. His latest album, August Light (out April 26th, 2011 on In Music We Trust Records), is full of country-tinged songs that are enhanced with both mystery and hopefulness. His songwriting is unaffected and distinguished, his honesty carrying emotional depth. During the recording of the albums closing song, "A Hallelujah Song," Marshall received the devastating news of a friend's coma and ensuing death. The tragedy influenced him in ways he had never known. August Light is the ode to the life that had passed, its sincerity and joy beautiful." (Excerpt from Mississippi Studios venue newsletter previewing February 10th, 2011 headlining performance)

Chris has shared the stage with a diverse range of national talent in the last year, including Tift Merritt, Roger Clyne & the Peacemakers, Richmond Fontaine, Bill Mallonee, and Grammy Award-winning producer and songwriter Charlie Peacock. His debut full-length, "August Light," releases April 26th on In Music We Trust Records.

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