Chris McKee

Chris McKee

 Cedar Park, Texas, USA

My music is full of emotion from past experiences. Each song has a different sound, but they all stay along the same rock sound.


I started my music career on bass guitar nearly 9 years ago. I played bass for two years after that I then moved to drums and keyboard. My attention focused more on the drums then on the keyboard but I still learned the basics of keyboard. After playing drums for three I moved to the guitar and have stuck with that as my primary instrument. I began writing my own songs four years ago with just an acoustic guitar. Two years ago I purchased my own recording equipment and began my hand at singing. I just released my own demo CD that I recorded and produced with one of my friends Joseph Pedraza. it's titled Kaleidoscope.
My influences vary from just about everything I hear, whether it's a band like Anberlin or an older swing band.
What makes me different from everyone else is that my music is based on events and is filled with emotion. When I write songs I try to not only capture what I went through, but what others have gone through in similar situations.


Love Me Too

Written By: Chris McKee

Verse 1:
We've been here before a thousand times, it's no surprise the blame's all mine. Your voice raises as mine subsides, your tears fill up as I close my eyes. I don't know what to do this is my true side that's hurting you.
I'm sorry for my mistakes. I never meant for it to be this way. I know I hurt you; I know I was wrong, so please take this heart that's loved for so long.
Verse 2:
I tried to make you happy, but it never worked. I did my best but never came in first. You say you love me no matter what, but when I mess up, you're one to judge. I don't know what to do this is my true side that's hurting you.
I'd turn back time to fix these mistakes, give all these rhymes to put a smile on that face. I'd give all that's mine until I run dry, because my love for you will never die.
Outro Chorus:
I'm sorry for my mistakes I never meant for it to be this way. I still love you that much is true, so please take this heart and love me too.