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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Jason Thompson review of "Soundtown""

“. . . Chris McKenna knows what he’s *&%ing doing and has conquered entire musical spaces with this, his first big release. Thank Chris and GG1 for pouring their hearts and talents into this extraordinary masterpiece of pop music that should definitely not go unnoticed. And the sound of these songs - this entire album for that matter, is a revelation itself. McKenna is the real thing . . .”
- Esotericecho

"Soundtown Review by Shaun Dale"

“. . . McKenna comes pretty damn near the ultimate pop music album in the process. If there’s an “if you like...” touchstone that applies, it’s probably the Beach Boys in Brian Wilson’s creative prime, but there’s so much more here than that tag implies. This is an album to soak in, soak up, and to appreciate as much as McKenna’s careful attention to every detail demonstrates his appreciation for his audience. The non-standard packaging means you probably won’t find it in many of the standard places, but it’s worth searching for. True treasure is rarely found in
plain sight. . .”
- Cosmik Debris

"Keith Hannaleck Review"

“. . .Buy this CD, read the book and listen intently to the music that the words come so carefully placed upon; they will build an impact that will surely get you to stop, think, and wonder what would of, should of or could have happened if you were more receptive to your own humanity. Can you imagine that a CD and a book could possibly instigate all those feelings? It can happen for you if you just stop your life for an hour and listen. . . - Music Dish Network


2005-Apollo Dreams the Future


Feeling a bit camera shy


Singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, McKenna is a pluralist and a conceptualist and at the same time capable of very engaging music. Unapologetic about his disparate inclinations, he’s a guy who is not afraid to borrow from Brian Wilson or Alan Lomax or even James Joyce all in the same song. McKenna writes and performs music that draws from every possible sound or sight. He records his music on supposedly obsolete antique Ampex tape recorders and insists that it sounds better than anything new. His scope includes the conventional aspects of song, African water dances, rock music, jazz, 19th century art songs, dry witticisms on the human condition, noisy ad hoc collections of Partch-like ensemble sounds right down to itty-bitty simple ballads that somehow manage to avoid sounding like itty-bitty simple ballads. How does he perform such musical sleights-of-hand and still manage to sound familiar, distinct and relevant? Well, he’s really just an artist of his time, concerned and troubled, rhapsodic and enthused. Along with his band of inspired outsiders, Chris remains unrepentantly diverse, uncompromisingly original, connecting with people through the ART of music. That’s Chris.