Chris Merrill Band

Chris Merrill Band


High energy, hooky, mainstream modern pop/rock


The story of Chris Merrill Band is one filled with constant challenges and amazing tales of overcoming odds. But if you want to hear those stories, you'll have to listen to the music!

Chris Merrill Band is a dynamic pop/rock group that is gaining ground in the Northwest music scene.

Its members have years of experience in performing and recording in everything from Greek music to heavy metal.

They have played at venues such as The Roseland Theatre, The Aladdin Theatre, The Crystal Ballroom, Kells, The Dublin Pub, The Green Room, Loveland, Ash Street Saloon, Conan’s, Hotel Oregon, The Greek Cuisina, as well as others in the northwest.

The band's music spans from rock to pop, blues to soul, and everywhere in between. There really are no limits to the kind of music they write.

“I try not to write in one particular genre. I like to feel a song out and see where it takes me." - Chris.

The diverse backgrounds of its members allows for the group’s creativity, superlative songwriting, and experience to set them apart from other bands/artists.

The group is now booking shows for the spring/summer concert season as well as preparing to record its first full length album. Production on the untitled album will begin in June.


It's U

Written By: Chris Merrill

You say you've had enough
Why should I even try
When all that's left are the questions
To these sorted lies
Well I've been down these streets once or twice
Hey man they all look the same
And this restless city must've quit dreamin'
cuz nothin's ever changed
And everyday I couyld lay down and die
But everyday I live, and you're the reason why
Cuz it's you out there, somehwere
Only for me
It's you out there, somplace we can be free
And I know it's hard to believe
When nothing ever goes right
But if not for faith
We would have already lost this fight
And everyday, I could give up and quit
But I'm not content with this place I sit
Cuz it's you out there, somwhere only for me
It's you out there, someplace we can be free
And everyday it gets harder to get by
And I will not lie, I have felt that way inside
But everytime I feel like dying
I can close my eyes
And I know that there's nothing else in this world
But you...
It's you out there, somewhere only for me
It's you out there, somplace we can be free
I know you're out there
I know you'll be waiting for me
And I'll be waiting for you patiently


Acoustic Mirror- 2004
CMB- 2006

Set List

Set list varies by show- 1.5 hour shows will be one continuous set. Three hour shows will include 3, 45 minute sets.