Chris Michaud

Chris Michaud

 Delray Beach, Florida, USA

-A captivating blend of thoughtful lyrics, innovative guitar and a rich, soulful voice. Original pop-folk songs that grab your attention and never seem to let go. The music of Christopher James is often compared to preeminent artists such as David Gray, M. Ward and Ray LaMontagne.


Christopher James Michaud is a twenty-four year old singer/songwriter from Litchfield, NH. Growing up on all genres of music, Chris began to develop a real appreciation for the art towards the end of high school. It was then that his father gave him his first acoustic guitar and followed up by teaching him the basics. Chris took to the instrument rather quickly, and taught himself how to create beautiful sounds with his new found love. Writing his first song in his senior year, Christopher bashfully played for any audience he could find. As his skills developed, so did his confidence.

In the summer of 2006, Chris made the move to Brookline, MA to put himself in the thick of Boston where the music scene is more prominent. It was there and then that Chris’ personal style really began to shine through. Playing at various open mikes in Boston earned him enough credibility to start playing some more serious shows at colleges, universities, and a host of other venues.

In the past year, Christopher James furthered his career by recording his first EP entitled, Connect The Dots. This six song album showcases the range of talent that this young singer-songwriter holds in his head, heart and soul and is set for an early 2009 release.

With an arsenal of well versed lyrics and a well rounded style, Chris now has a loyal and increasingly large following that continues to grow every day.


Oh Well

Written By: Christopher James Michaud

with my tongue around my neck
tight like the knot of a noose
somethings pushing at my back
while i try to talk to you
so please pardon my english if i come across as mean
ive already met the devil once, so im keeping my hands clean
clean of all her dirty games
and her staring contest too
she grins behind those flirty eyes
as she sinks her teeth in you
like pearly little voodoo queens
they inject her daunting spell
ripping out your purest thoughts
as she damns them all to hell
but oh well
(just cause she can)

in the evening's midlife crisis
holding glasses of good looks
we get to the point the knives
are cutting carrots for the cooks
i said "my most sincere apologies
if i may have jumped your gun,
but youre guilty fine and sugar sweet
and half your buttons are undone"
she smiled a bit and laughed it off
and grabbed me by the tie
as we left the scene, she slammed her drink
and put her fingers toward the sky
she hailed a passing taxi cab
to take us to her place
where all the things id do to her
were written on her face
"step on the gas."

it was as good as on as she turned her key
and we left behind a trail
of high-heeled shoes and Calvin Kleins
leaving arms and legs to flail
the neon sign across the street
it lit her cheek and lips
took hostage both her heels and feet
to introduce our hips
beneath the red sky from morning light
while she was still asleep
and at the sight of her unconscious smile
i found it best to leave
like a worm amongst the early birds
a platter for their feast
the sign upon my winter coat
illuminated from the east
"if you're searching for the devil", it read
"prepare to gaze through hell"
and with the mercy of a rebel instead
she watched me as I fell
but oh well

Deperate Times

Written By: Christopher James Michaud

Desperate times are escaping you and me
we spend our lives with hopes to build something we
can love to protect
we can learn to protect
...whatever it is we've made

take a sip of sake shake the day from your head
i know you needed to make money, Babe,
but we all do to some degree
no one else could listen as we let whispers kiss the silence in your room

oh we could love to protect
we could love to protect
whatever it is we have made

youve washed off your makeup im amazed your eyes still sparkle
surprised just to find that you remembered how I noticed
well hocus, pocus, babe,
look at what we've made

yours were closed, mine were focused somewhere else
the red numbers on the clock were fair and taking turns
waking every hour and smiling just to find you half an inch away

i sang aloud while you slept
that we could love to protect
whatever it is we've made

Finders, keepers

Written By: Christopher James Michaud

there was life to our silence
that spoke while we smiled
absent of questions
conceptions run wild
to make a deadly concoction
of two parts desire, two hearts on fire
with the heat set to august
connected by wires

when we boiled and we sweat
and kissed to forget we were young
too fragile to speak
your acuity screaming 'How come?'
Oh when I said I had nothing to do
I meant I had nothing to lose
but then there was you

and yes, you were right
but that don't make me wrong
because youve got your world
and im building my own
and a small wooden frame
for an image i hold

where we boiled and we sweat
and we kissed to forget we were young
too fragile to speak
and your acuity screaming 'How come?'

I said I had nothing to do
I told you I had nothing to do
when I meant I had nothing to lose
and then there was you

Halloween in all its loveliness

Written By: Christopher James Michaud

the path i took cuts past your house
and down the road where the forest used to live
the autumn sky was cracked wide open
winter's breath a bomb exploded
and it was moaning over the trees and
their jagged little seam
to a blanket dark and blue
its voice tucked in still spoke the truth
so I listened and i wandered
down the winding asphalt mirror
totem poles broke the porchlights
down to electric little slivers

this is halloween in all its loveliness

the crickets with their pleading
are now forced upon their knees
singing melancoly harmonies for one last chance to breathe
but time, it never changes speed
and how quick december's elder sleeps
one day the old man breathes as me

the day it gives you what you let it
pump the brakes
this is your exit

halloween in all its loveliness

My best ears

Written By: Christopher James Michaud

Little love,
rest your head upon this quiet empty bench
I will lay upon the green at your feet
should you find it fit to speak, I have brought you my best ears
should our tongues grow tired we're our mouths to kiss

Little love,
in a world that has spun fearfully cold,
it's trite to bear your misleading name.
for your heart has burned white through your life's winter years-
through the eyes of the sun your glow can't be missed.

Little love,
come to bed and we'll put the day to rest
and wake to face the dawn with evening eyes
for your heart left a light for my soul to dwell inside
through the walls of my mind I can hear your breath


Written By: Christopher James Michaud

She's got a way of making me feel
when I know that I can be
so incomplete
I brush my fingertips across her lips sometimes
just to make sure that she is real

And she fits like a
glove when I hold her
The morning is such a boulder when life takes us separate ways
We called it something else until we did
but where did she come from

We spent an afternoon napping til the
sun set nestled in a warm spot on
the hill
Tightrope talkers with the most transparent minds and all our fears just disappeared

The novel on her face told the story
how we were half asleep but not so alone
The picture of our hands sewn together serves my memory so well

Where did she come from?

You, My Love

Written By: Christopher James Michaud

This room is dimly lit
Yet it somehow seems to fit
How lack of light gives sight to fingertips

Slowly sliding down your slope
Inching toward your collarbone
Attraction unlike what I've ever known

You, My Love are the keeper of my heart,
The reason I have never felt this way
Yes, You, My Love are defender of my soul,
The reason I have never felt this way

Falling quickly like dominoes
Are the worries in my head
Your love fills me with gratefulness instead

Isolation is a sin
Of this heaven we fell in
So my lips repent with praise upon your skin

Conscious of Ghosts

Written By: Christopher James Michaud

I'd like to call her the thief
but she has not stolen a thing
Convictions of nightmares that redden with flame
will share the same fate as the pain

And everyone knows
if you're conscious of ghosts
you'll confuse your conscience for those
so just hauntingly go

Forfeited stances they weep
for unborn statements I keep
stay hidden in night stands and half empty notebooks
on napkins and barroom receipts

The patrons portray her The Queen
in my darkest of hours, I'll agree
for not once in her rule did she abuse her power
but I suppose I can see what they mean

please lift up your head
and lay with your ear to my chest
Is my heart beating or are my lungs knocking to
regretfully inform that it's dead?

And everyone knows
if you're conscious of ghosts
you'll confuse your conscience for those
so just hauntingly go


The Oval Demo- 2007
-currently circulating college campuses across New England

Connect The Dots- 2009
-6 song, full- band, studio effort recorded at Rocking Horse Studio in Pittsfield, NH

Set List

Christopher James is readily available for both small and large venues ranging from cafes and coffeehouses to auditoriums and gymnasiums.

Chris is known mostly for his original work. Cover songs are available upon requests.

Cover songs include but are not limited to:
'Babylon'- David Gray
'Use Me'- Bill Withers
'Mad World'- Tears For Fears, Gary Jules
'The Times They Are A-Changin'- Bob Dylan
'This Daughter's Love'- John Mayer's 'Daughters' into Maroon 5's 'This Love'

Recently Played Venues include:

University of New Hampshire
Colby-Sawyer College
Wellesley College
University of Massachusetts Lowell
College of the Holy Cross
Framingham State College
Daniel Webster College
Franklin Pierce College
New Hampshire Technical College
Amsterdam Coffee Company
Brew'd Awakening Coffeehaus
The Nashua Folk Festival
Winterfest- Lowell MA
Kennedy's Midtown Boston MA
The Amber Room Nashua NH
Pittsfield Balloon Festival
The Paradise Lounge
SoulFest '08