Chris Milam

Chris Milam

 Memphis, Tennessee, USA

Blending poetic lyrics with vibrant pop melodies, Chris Milam has earned critical acclaim as one of his generation's brightest young songwriters. He's been called everything from "an expert craftsman" to "the next Paul Simon." His music is pop you can be proud of.


Chris Milams story isnt one of the wandering troubadour; its a story of an artist finding his way home.

Lets start in the middle. While studying music and English lit at Vanderbilt, Milam took his self-described songwriting major to the stage. Gigging heavily in Nashville, Milams ear for melody and gift for storytelling quickly earned a collegiate fanbase and critical acclaim for his debut album (Leaving Tennessee). Two years of regional touring and a breezily-catchy EP (Tin Angel) caught the attention of Music Row and its many publishing houses.

After weighing his options, Milam decided to follow his own path. Armed with no connections, one bag, and a guitar, he moved to New York Citys East Village. It was there he made an artistic breakthrough; 2009s Up garnered a rabid NYC fanbase and enough Paul Simon comparisons to fill a Paste issue. Though finding success on the island, Milam knew it was only part of the puzzle: he needed to hit the road. Again.

So he did. Over a hundred dates in 2010; 150 in 2011. Somehow, he found time to record Never In Love in his hometown of Memphis, Tennessee with Jeff Powell (Afghan Wigs, Lucero, Cory Branan). Once there, he found what hed been missing all along: a home.

In 2012, he moved home to Memphis and recorded his latest EP, Young Avenue. The record is inspired by Memphis as a place to grow up, as a place to leave, and a place to find what youve been looking for all along. It tells a story--Chriss story--as only an artist with his songwriting gifts and experience can. It exists somewhere between late summer and early fall; between Ryan Adams and Van Morrison; between adolescence and adulthood. It sounds new and familiar at once.

Its the sound of coming home again.

Caitlin Rose, Cory Branan, Mat Kearney, Josiah Rosen (Augustana), Jody Stephens (Big Star), Drew Holcomb, Star & Micey, Amanda Shires, Susan Marshall, Jackie Greene, Phil Lee, Jack Oblivian, and more.


August Lane

Written By: Chris Milam

On top of the world in the middle of nowhere
And don’t it look like home
Where it’s always August, and fall’s in the air
The wind whispers its song
I’m east of the river, just south of Main
Just north of lonesome, I can’t complain
On August Lane

Farmers in the market, kids after church
Swings with rust on the chains
Suits in sunlight, shoes in the dirt
Hands praying for rain
Roots in the land, dust on the grain
Names in the wind, blowing away
From August Lane

Standing in line, standing in place
Staying in the lines going insane
Tired of being young, no time to waste
Breath in these lungs, blood in my veins

My heart’s where you are, I’m coming home
Everything else has changed
You know I still love you, I never stopped
The wind calls out your name
Waiting on God, waiting on a train
Waiting on a sign to show me the way
To August Lane

Dark In the Garden

Written By: Chris Milam

Come on and ride with me this evening
You know these back roads don’t have cops
And I swear I’ll take it slow, babe
If you promise not to stop
It’s dark in the garden
Signs by the road
Fog on the glass

Come on and wade into the water
Water warm as a baby’s bath
I was baptized in this deep end
And we got time til they get back
It’s dark in the garden
Smoke on the water
It’s dark in the house

Come on....

Come on and lay under this dogwood
Let those dewdrops coat your skin
I see our stars right where we left them
They’ve been wondering where we’ve been (where ya been?)
It’s dark in the garden
There’s a wind in the branches
And stones in the grass

Come on...

I know it’s late, babe, I know it’s late, babe
Oh, take me back
I know it’s late, babe, it’s not too late, babe

Come on, summer’s almost over
I can’t face the fall alone
Lead me back inside those gates, babe
I’ve got no place left to go
I’ve got nowhere else to go

If You Still Love Rock & Roll

Written By: Chris Milam

I’m closing down the bar tonight, I’m looking to get lost
With the kids colliding out there in the dark
We don’t have much, but just enough to get us in the door
We don’t have much, but we got enough
So turn it up, turn it on
Let it go til I’m gone
I got no one and no place else to go
But I still love rock and roll

Well Amy, we’ve been down and up and off and on again
I drive all night with “Sixteen” on repeat
But every other girl’s just like every other song
I hear them but I can’t feel a thing
So tear me up, turn me on
Let me know I’m not alone
Steal my heart and never make me whole
If you still love rock and roll

A red-eye sun is yawning over Young Avenue
The moon’s still trying not to say goodbye
Another town, another floor I lay your blanket on
I couldn’t leave you even if I tried
So load it up, turn it on
Let me go, til I’m gone
As long as I know the way back home
And I still love rock and roll


2005 - Leaving Tennessee

One of this generations most promising young songwriters. --Vanderbilt Hustler

2008 - Tin Angel (EP)

Expertly-crafted...a fresh new voice. --Music City Unsigned

"There is a compelling immediacy to Chriss lyrics. Whether hes writing about love and loss or politics, he crawls through blues, rock, country, folk and pop with definite impact. His skill as a songwriter surpasses many artists twice his age."  --Hardcore Troubadours

2010 - Up

Invites--and earns--the Paul Simon comparisons. --American Songwriter

"His charm and warmth lead to a great live show..." --Bowery Boogie

2011 - Never In Love (Single) absolute sucker-punch...reminiscent of Cory Branans best moments. --Memphis Flyer

2012 - Young Avenue (EP)

You leave with the feeling youve known Chris and his songs your whole life. --Kevin Cubbins, producer

"Chris is a rising star in the Memphis scene and we were excited to get him. He's one to watch for sure." --Jeff Davidson, producer, Sun Sessions on PBS

An endearing and heartfelt perspective on love and life. --The Vinyl District