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Chris Morrisette

Portland, Oregon, United States | SELF

Portland, Oregon, United States | SELF
Band Folk Acoustic


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"Let It Be You Song Review"

Christopher John Morrisette is one of the first true artists I have encountered as a reviewer here. Now I do want to say right off the bat that I have yet to own a country CD, just not my bag, but this song “Let It Be You” really touched me. “Let It Be You” has all of the elements that I have preached about in every one of my reviews. From the melody, to the perfect lyrics, it was all there.

Let’s start right from the beginning. A gentle piano piece opens the song (typical for the style but it feels so right), and there is a real sweat sounding violin playing smoothly over the top (I think it is a violin might be a fiddle, same thing in my book). When it starts to tug at your heartstrings the vocals come in with one of the most soothing voices I have ever heard coming from Brock Goodwin, singing beautifully, lyrics poured straight from the heart.

I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard this song. Reviewing is a tough job you have to go through a lot, and I mean a tremendous amount of garbage before you find a gem like this. In all of my reviews I have had only two that stand out to me, and now I get to make that three.

“Let It Be You” is gold from start to finish, and if this song doesn’t make it to the top then we all need to reinvent ourselves and figure out what is true to our hearts. It is songs like this that make you gasp for air because it touches you so deep inside. There is no way to improve perfection and this song in my book is perfect. Thank you Mr. Morrisette, and Mr Goodwin, the pleasure has been all mine.

Keep It Real And True To Yourself. - Gods of Music

"Passing Through Song Review"

Chris Morrisette has crafted a beautiful song here with "Passing Through". I'm impressed that he remains a solid collaborator, having not given up on his musical dreams despite not getting the big break he had hoped for with his debut album in the seventies. In this reviewer's opinion, Morisette's voice lends itself perfectly to this style of ballad, and as a whole, the song succeeds admirably.

Musically sound and provacative despite it's inherent simplicity, "Passing Through" is rendered gently and honesty. This gives the song the kind of sound that most musicians only dream of, a song that easily could give any adult contemporary programmer reason for repeated listens. This is exactly the kind of song radio searches for, and with the quality of the performance and recording, Morisette has more than just his foot in the door.

And his vocals, don't even get me started! I just love the way his lyrics and voice come to the forefront of the song, as it is just that and his piano throughout the tune. I'll give him credit, his lyrics are better than most I hear in this genre, and combined with the background, you have a winning combination. I even found myself humming the bridge of this song for several days as I let the tune bounce aruound in my head. That's a sure sign of a winning song, in my opinion.

Give "Passing Through" a listen, you're sure to enjoy it. This is the kind of song that people remember when they're done listening, and it is of the right quality to make people want to hear more. And as far as I'm concerned, that's as much as you can ask from an artist.
- Gods of Music

"The promise of Greg Oden captured in a catchy song"

Posted by Ryan White, The Oregonian April 07, 2008 14:12PM
Categories: Blazers
The Blazers had a 13-game winning streak this season. Brandon Roy became an All-Star. LaMarcus Aldridge hit big shots. Travis Outlaw hit big shots. Fun returned to the Rose Garden. The only thing missing was Greg Oden.

Well, Greg Oden and a catchy song.

Portlander Christopher Morrisette has remedied that, working in the little mined genre of "Melodramatic Popular Song / Americana / Lyrical."

Ladies and gentlemen, The Ballad of Greg Oden.

Will Greg Oden live up the hype? Only time will tell. One thing is for certain; his presence has already raised expectations from where they've been for far too long... "Just south of zero..." that is.
Unrelated: Bob Dylan won a Pulitzer today.
- Posted by Ryan White, The Oregonian

"A Great Moment In The History Of Music"

A Great Moment In The History Of Music
by Ben. on Sep 17, 2008 8:23 PM PDT

This may be the most important post I have written, or will write, on Blazersedge.

This is not just breaking news... this is breaking history.

Not since Tupac was shot Dylan plugged in at Newport has the world witnessed a more significant moment in musical history than what you are about to behold.

The following song is good. Really, really, really, really, really good. So good that I'm going to do something I've never done on here before. I'm going to ask that you rec this post (more on that in a moment).

Allow me to explain:

What you are about to hear is a Tribute Song to Blazer Edge, entitled "It's a Blog's Life - Living On The Blazers Edge"...
It was written and is performed by Chris Morrisette, a Portland Trail Blazers season ticket holder and (occasional) Blazers Edge commenter...
It features references to usernames, RSS feeds, and, arguably, the single greatest line to end a chorus in music history, "The Shot Clock's Always Running at Blazers Edge..."
Creating this song was clearly no small effort. It also provokes no small reaction. My heart has welled, my eyes have welled, my entire body is welling. Dave, meanwhile, is passed out cold on the floor of his kitchen after listening to this on repeat for hours with Baby Point Guard.

This song is already my cell phone ringtone (I kid you not).

Hit play now!

So, I ask you, Blazersedge reader/lurker: Rec this post as a sign of appreciation for this man's extraordinary effort. I'm not sure what the Rec Record is, but I demand that this post smashes it.

Send this to your friends. Spread the good word. Check out Chris's My Space page.

Dave has long talked about the great value that there is in this community. Here you have proof positive. Can you imagine another sports blog topping this song? Unpossible.

On behalf of both Dave and myself, I'd like to offer a huge thanks to Chris. We salute your powerful movement.

And I'd also like to let the rest of you know that you are on notice. We will be having a giveaway contest inspired by this song in the near future.


Still working on that hot first release.



Chris Morrisette is a songwriter living in Portland Oregon. He is married to Benita, has a singer/songwriter daughter, Kay Morrisette and Uber geek son Ben. Chris drives a school bus by day and spends as much spare time in his project recording studio as possible.
Chris spent a greater part of the seventies and eighties playing in bands, working in duos and as a solo artist, from New York to LA and back to Oregon. Favored genres are rock, country, folk and subject matter is everything from kids songs to recent rash of songs about the Portland Trail Blazers (Ballad of Greg Oden).
A more serious and vital aspect of his songwriting are the many Christian themed songs co-written with fellow believers. He also mines historical hymnals for great praise and worship songs of the past.
While Chris has never put out a record or had a song covered, he will be releasing Half Life of Zeros & Ones in early 2011 on his own imprint, Heard It All Before Records and continues to believe that he will get a cut before he dies.