Chris Morris

Chris Morris

 Kingston, Ontario, CAN

High energy original and traditional folk, with smatterings of Delta blues, classic rock and spirituals.


Chris Morris is a folk-singer based in Kingston, Ontario. His music and performances encompass folk and other traditional genres from the Delta to Dylan, the plantations to the Appalachians, the Mississippi to the Great Lakes. Folk, blues, roots, alt-country, bluegrass, spirituals – it’s all blended together and performed with a captivating energy that will take you along the same versatile ride – feeling great, feeling bad, feeling hopeful, doubting it all.

Chris is the host of the Kingston Folk Club open stage on even-numbered Sundays at the RCHA.


I Did It All For You

Written By: Chris Morris

I spent five hundred dollars at the dollar store
I wore a Tupperware helmet in the third world war
I wrote the longest short story you ever did read
I did all seven sins to make one good deed

I did it all for you
I did it all for you
I might be crazy or just out of touch
But I did it for you ‘cause I love you that much

I ran 70 miles in a marathon
I made a gentleman’s bet with a notorious con
I got in a rowboat with a ball and chain
I told a crazy woman she was perfectly sane

I don’t know if you care
I don’t care if you know
I do this all for you
Because I love you so

I walked barefoot uphill through the snow both ways
I made 22 weeks out of 31 days
I swam with the sharks with blood on my hands
I told everyone I know I wanna be your man

Never Heard A Horse Sing

Written By: Chris Morris

Chris Morris © 2010

I was walking through the park heard a bluebird sing
I was walking down the street heard a mailman sing
I was sitting 'round at work heard the bossman sing
But I never ever heard a horse sing

All sorts of folks singing all sorts of songs
Don't matter what you do, just try to sing along
Don't matter whatcha look like, or matter where you from
Just have a good time and sing a song

First day you’re born, your momma sings a song
On your first birthday, everybody sings a song
Lying in your casket, they all sing a song
But I never heard a horse sing a song

First day of pre-school, they teach you how to sing
Sunday morning church, they teach you how to sing
Demonstrations and protests, they teach you how to sing
But they never teach a horse how to sing

Playing on my guitar, I sure do love to sing
Playin the piano, you know I love to sing
Playing on my trumpet, I take a break a sing
I still never ever heard a horse sing

Walkin with my dog, sometimes I like to sing
Milkin goats and cows, man I love to sing
Riding on my horse, you know I love to sing
But you'll never ever hear that horse sing

Locked Up By The Lord

Written By: Chris Morris


The lord’s got me in prison and he ain’t gonna let me out
Til I tell him I had reason when I punched that preacher out
He done told me about my sins and said that I was going to hell
I took him out with my left fist I said I know this all too well

I took women home on bar nights
I been in 27 knife fights
I stole a barrel of whiskey all those years ago
I’ll never bet again on poker
If I can drink the holy water
If the lord will let me see the sun again

The lord has got me locked up
Cause of that bank that I had robbed
He might let me free if I say why I did that job
I hadn’t had a meal in six months that made me full
So I grabbed a gun and went to town to make my wallet full

I haven’t seen the sun now nor the stars
I’ve been so long behind these bars
I miss the green grass, I miss the trees
I just wanna feel that northern breeze

The lord said he’ll have mercy if I leave those days behind
Those days of always drinking, always gambling and doing crimes
He set me down in Westport to head back to my hometown
I walked 50 miles in 50 hours to lay my body down

Set List

Depending on the show:
Showcase style, opening sets, headlining, festivals, etc. features a mix of mostly originals and traditional folk / spirituals.

Patios, restaurants, etc., focuses more on folk-rock, acoustic classic rock, popular folk traditionals, blues, etc. such as Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Beatles, Rolling Stones, Paul Simon, Woody Guthrie, Pete Seeger, etc.